USB Flash Memory Cards Datasheets

Memory Key with Soft Neoprene Shell -- USBAPKEY 1024
from Amphenol PCD

The Amphenol Pcd USB Series allows you to use a standard USB 2.0 cordset providing a data range of up to 480 Mb/s for high speed USB in a metal tri start threaded or spring loaded push pull, for quick disconnect requirements, coupling configurations. The Amphenol Pcd USB Series does not require... [See More]

  • Memory Type: USB
  • Standards and Certifications: RoHS
  • Memory Size: 1.02
2G Flash Memory Drive USB Interface -- SC115
from Campbell Scientific, Inc.

The SC115 CS I/O-to-USB Flash Memory Drive is an innovative 2-GB device that allows you to augment your onsite data storage or to transport data between the datalogger and PC. It has both a CS I/O port and a USB port, for great, easy data mobility. The SC115 can be used with most of our CRBasic... [See More]

  • Memory Type: USB
  • Memory Size: 2
from Centon Electronics, Inc.

Overview. Centons Advanced products are a step up above the rest! These parts offer the fastest speeds and most advanced specs available. Centon 's DataStick Pro is a cost effective flash drive ideal for everyday use. Built with sturdy aluminum housing, this drive will stand up to daily wear and... [See More]

  • Memory Type: USB
  • Transfer Speed: 10
  • Memory Size: 16
  • Standards and Certifications: RoHS
4GB Store 'n' Go U3 Smart USB 2.0 Flash Drive -- VER95327

4 GB - USB - External. Smart Drive lets you work and play smarter. Instead of lugging a laptop, you can simply carry your personal work space with you on a tiny USB smart drive. Includes an easy-to-use U3 launch pad which provides access to program and allows you to browse contents, change personal... [See More]

  • Memory Type: USB
  • Memory Size: 4
from CompUSA

Detailed Features. Grab your files and GO! The DiskGO! USB Flash Drive by EDGE is the perfect solution for business travelers, graphic artists, students, physicians and virtually anyone that is on the GO! Leave that bulky laptop at home and travel light with your DiskGO! USB Flash Drive. [See More]

  • Memory Type: USB
Copper and Black Capless – 4 to 64GB
from Duracell, Inc.

bull; A USB that speaks to your customers and demographics. • The perfect anytime, any place flash portable memory solution. • The silky rounded case is designed to slide open, not off, so you won ’t lose your data or your cap. • Available in capacities 4 to 64GB. • 5-year... [See More]

  • Memory Type: USB
  • Memory Size: 4 to 65
bNAND USB Memory
from Hagiwara Sys-Com Co., Ltd.

The bNAND2 USB Memory (also referred to as the "UDRW G4" device) is a USB flash drive enhanced with the Hagiwara Sys-Com patented UDRW Technology, providing simple system integration and design flexibility along with data protection options. Ubiquitous USB connectivity ideal for appliations such as... [See More]

  • Memory Type: USB
  • Standards and Certifications: RoHS
  • Memory Size: 1 to 4
ACP-EP Memory USB 2.0 Mini Flash Drive -- USB/16GB-2.0
from Howard Computers

The Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Mini Flash Drive is a versatile storage solution and is compatible for both Windows and Mac operating systems! Great for storing and transferring your MP3's, digital photos, games, Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint presentations or any personal files from your computer. You can... [See More]

  • Memory Type: USB
  • Memory Size: 16
Flash DOM -- Embedded USB DOM
from Industrial PC, Inc.

OS supported: DOS, LINUX, WINCE; dimensions: 7.2 mm x 27 mm x 30.4 mm [See More]

  • Memory Type: USB
  • Transfer Speed: 17 to 22
  • Memory Size: 0.0320 to 2
  • Options: Embedded; Interface: 10 pin USB
USB Embedded Disk Card (USB EDC) -- USB EDC(H)
from InnoDisk USA Corporation

USB EDC is an excellent choice for customer who has concerns about device size. It designs for USB 2.0 interface with maximum read/write speed up to 33MB/sec. and 12MB/sec. The MTBF is more than 2 million hours with ECC function correcting 8 bit per 512 Byte. Features. Small and flexible size <. [See More]

  • Memory Type: Solid State Drive; USB
  • Transfer Speed: 12 to 32
  • Memory Size: 0.5120 to 16
  • Options: Embedded
128MB USB 2.0 Flash Memory Drive
from, Inc.

#8226; Full Compatibility with USB 1.1 and 2.0. • Dual Channel Flash Memory Architecture. • Hot Plug and Play - Insert and Function Like Another Hard Drive. • Supports Auto Run (Upon Special Request) - Insert and Auto Play like CD-ROM. • Supports Password Protection. •... [See More]

  • Memory Type: USB
  • Memory Size: 0.1280
Mulholland 16GB USB Flash Drive - MKNUFDMH16GB -- MKNUFDMH16GB
from Mushkin

click thumbnail below for full size view [See More]

  • Memory Type: USB
  • Transfer Speed: 17 to 32
  • Memory Size: 16
SanDisk SDCZ36-032G-A11 32GB Cruzer USB 2.0 Flash Drive -- SDCZ36-032G-A11
from Pixel USA

SanDisk SDCZ36-032G-A11 32GB Cruzer USB 2.0 Flash Drive [See More]

  • Memory Type: USB
  • Memory Size: 32
Bruce Lee i-Disk Pocket
from Pretec Electronics Corp.

â € §The thinnest card-shaped USB flash drive. â € §3 different movie or character posters design for your collection. â € §Good for collecting or gift-giving purpose. â € §Package: Retail paper box [See More]

  • Memory Type: USB
6957292 [DTIG3/8GB from Kingston Technology]
from RS Components, Ltd.

Format:USB Stick; Capacity:8GB; Type:USB Flash drive [See More]

  • Memory Type: USB
  • Memory Size: 8
CorSair 16GB Flash Voyager USB 2.0 Flash Drive -- CMFUSB2.0-16GB
from Storage Galaxy

Hi-Speed USB Host Interface. 16 GB Storage Capacity. Rugged, stylish, compact, and reliable. Ideal for transporting MP3s, digital images, presentations and more. Fully Plug and Play with most operating systems and are backward compatible with USB 1.1. Their durable rubber casing is easy to grip and... [See More]

  • Memory Type: USB
  • Memory Size: 16
from Verbatim Corporation

Store 'n' Go ® V3 USB 3.0 Drive - 8GB Gray. The all new Store 'n' Go V3 USB Drive is a world class storage solution for those looking to save and transfer data faster. The USB 3.0 interface offers faster data transfer speeds versus USB 2.0 making it easy to transfer multiple files at once or... [See More]

  • Memory Type: USB
  • Memory Size: 8
Embedded USB Flash Drives -- W2EU-E5
from Wintec Industries, Inc.

Wintec's Embedded USB Flash Drives offer a robust and reliable high performance storage solution in a very compact form factor. They are fully USB 2.0 compatible, with high data transfer rates. Wintec's W7EU series offers low power consumption while the W2EU series achieves high performance and... [See More]

  • Memory Type: USB
  • Options: Embedded
  • Memory Size: 4 to 32
  • Standards and Certifications: RoHS