IR / NIR Microscope Lenses and Objectives Datasheets

Infrared Observation Plan Achromat -- LMPlan100xIR
from Olympus America Inc.

Plan achromat objective lenses corrected for chromatic aberration from visible to near infrared region [See More]

  • Features: IR / NIR
  • Optical Type / Correction Factor: Achromat; Plan
  • Lens Type: Objective Lens
  • Magnification: 100
Nikon CFI APO 40XW LWD NIR Objective -- N40XLWD-NIR
from Thorlabs, Inc.

Thorlabs now offers a selection of physiology objectives especially suited for Multiphoton Microscopy. These water-immersion objectives have a high numerical aperture (NA) as well as a long working distance (WD). Working Distance is defined as the distance between the tip of the scan lens housing... [See More]

  • Features: IR / NIR
  • Magnification: 40
  • Lens Type: Objective Lens
  • Numerical Aperture: 1.15