5MHz Time and Frequency Standards Datasheets

Precision Time Standard, Military Tactical -- RFS-10
from Excelitas Technologies Corp.

The Excelitas Model RFS-10 Rubidium Frequency Standard is a miniature MIL-Spec rubidium gas cell atomic frequency standard with a standard size and interface. This advanced design of atomic clock features rugged construction, modular design and low operating power (12 Watts). The physics package,... [See More]

  • Outputs: 5MHz; 10MHz
  • Frequency: 5.00E6 to 1.00E7
  • Clock Method: Atomic clock
  • Mounting: Portable
High Performance Core Clock -- HPCC
from Kernco, Inc.

Kernco's recent atomic clock development programs have focused on a new application of an existing technology known as Coherent Population Trapping (CPT). CPT is a quantum mechanical process that directly exploits the coherence of a laser pumping source. The Coherent Population Trapping technique... [See More]

  • Outputs: 5MHz (optional feature); 10MHz
  • Interface: Serial
  • Clock Method: Atomic clock
  • Waveform: Sign Wave
Secure GPS Solution -- VF-3204A SAASM
from Precise Time and Frequency, Inc.

Features. GPS Tracking: 12 parallel channels. TTFF: <100s (cold start). Accuracy (1 PPS): <120 ns. 10/100 Base T Ethernet. NTP (optional), Telnet. Monitor/Control interface. Alarm indicator and output. Multiple RF output options. SAASM receiver not include. Rubidium stability. Applications. [See More]

  • Outputs: 1pps; 0.1MHz (optional feature); 1MHz (optional feature); 5MHz (optional feature); 10MHz; IRIG-B
  • Interface: Serial; Status Indictaors; Ethernet
  • Clock Method: Atomic clock; External signal
  • Waveform: Sign Wave