Polyamide (e.g., Nylon) Thermocouple Wire Datasheets

Polyimide Insulated Thermocouple & Extension Wire -- 512 Series
from Acrolab Ltd.

Fused polyimide tape, single conductor and duplex insulation for excellent protection. Continuous Temperature Rating: 600 ° F (315 ° C). Single Reading: 800 ° F (430 ° C). Excellent moisture, chemical, and abrasion resistance. [See More]

  • Insulation Material: Polyamide (e.g., Nylon); Plastic
  • Gauge: 16 to 30
  • Thermocouple Type: E (optional feature); J (optional feature); K (optional feature); N (optional feature); T (optional feature)
  • Temperature Rating: 0.0 to 600

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