Feedback:Other AC Servomotors Datasheets

Metric Frame Brushless Servo Motor/Encoders -- VLM METRIC SERIES [VLM Metric Series from Kollmorgen Corporation]
from Electromate

The new VLM family of servomotors is designed for superior Torque-per-dollar for those customers looking for a low cost motor with optimal performance. With a design targeted for the most common servomotor features and offering torque ranges from 0.5Nm to almost 16 Nm, VLM is able to deliver all the... [See More]

  • Feedback: Integral Encoder (optional feature); Integral Resolver (optional feature); Hall Sensors
  • AC Voltage: 120V/60Hz; 208-230/240V 60Hz
  • AC Construction: AC Servo (optional feature)
  • Phase: Single-phase
Direct Torque Motor ACT Series -- ACT15502152
from Parker Hannifin / Automation / Electromechanical Division - Europe

The high inertia torque motor with outer rotor: High Precision. High Dynamic Stiffness. Stall Torque Range 15 ... 30 Nm [See More]

  • Feedback: Integral Encoder; Integral Resolver; SinCos
  • AC Voltage: 400V
  • AC Construction: AC Servo
  • Shaft Speed: 200