Fine Powders Baghouses and Baghouse Filters Datasheets

After Filters w/ Pull-Through Exhaust -- FT24S21
from Aget Manufacturing Company

The ten After Filter-Exhauster combinations are designed to capture dust particles as small as 0.3 microns using cotton sateen cloth filter tubes as the filter media. Equipped with top mounted Exhausters which pull contaminated air to the filter tubes, releasing clean air into the work area, where... [See More]

  • Applications: FinePowders
  • Minimum Particle Size: 0.3000
  • Airflow: 600
  • Filter Cleaning: Manual (optional feature)
Dust Control -- F 300
from Bratney Companies

F300: A complete solution with built-in filterbags and fan. The cleaning of filters takes place automatically by means of. compressed air from the air receiver.The dust from the filter. will hereby follow the material during loading. Applied for. loading products with moderate wear and dust... [See More]

  • Applications: Abrasives; FinePowders
  • Filter Cleaning: Automatic
Dust Collector -- Model DC100
from DCL, Inc.

All modules are offered in top and bottom filter removal designs [See More]

  • Applications: Abrasives; FinePowders; Reclaim / Recycle
  • Airflow: ? to 18000
Cabinet Dust Collector -- 54
from Donaldson Torit – Donaldson Company, Inc.

The Donaldson Torit Cabinet dust collectors provide reliable and economical solutions to in-plant dust and smoke control problems. Its efficient, compact design covers a wide range of bag collector applications. Replacing dust collector bags has never been easier with the new, one piece EZ filter... [See More]

  • Applications: Abrasives; FinePowders
  • Efficiency: 99.9
  • Airflow: 171 to 284
  • Filter Cleaning: Manual
SPJ-B Series Baghouse Collector -- SPJ-12-X4B6
from Scientific Dust Collectors

Scientific Dust Collectors' Supersonic Pulse Jet Bottom Removal (SPJ-B) Collector is designed for low-profile applications where headroom is a factor. It utilizes the patented supersonic nozzle cleaning system as well as a high-side inlet so that the heavier dust falls out of the air stream. These... [See More]

  • Applications: FinePowders; General Cleaning
  • Filter Cleaning: Pulse-jet; Patented Nozzle Based Cleaning System
BDC Compact Media Dust Collector -- BDC Series
from United Air Specialists, Inc.

The BDC Series of dust collectors are ideal for industrial processes such as bin venting and raw material handling. Compact in size, this baghouse-style system can be installed inside or outside; while minimizing the occupation of valuable floor space and offers easy access for filter maintenance. [See More]

  • Applications: Abrasives; Coolant / Oil Mist; FinePowders; General Cleaning; Metalworking Chips / Fluid; Reclaim / Recycle; Welding Fumes
  • Efficiency: 99.9
  • Airflow: 100 to 6500
  • Filter Cleaning: Pulse-jet; Reverse Air