Polycrystalline Diamond Powder -- PDP
from Advanced Abrasives Corp.

PDP is made up of nano-crystallites that give it a unique break down mechanism which allows new cutting edges to be exposed creating a self-sharpening characteristic. PDP is used primarily for lapping and polishing sapphire, ruby, metallographic samples, fiber optics and ceramics along with disk... [See More]

  • Applications: Polishing and Lapping (Very Fine)
  • Material: Diamond
  • Shape: Abrasive Grain / Grit
Natural Diamond Micron
from Saint-Gobain Surface Conditioning Group

Natural diamond is crushed and processed from boart, an inferior diamond type unsuitable for gemology. This diamond tends to be free of inclusions and cracks, mechanically strong with high thermal stability. Natural diamond may contain less metal impurities, making it useful in the manufacture of... [See More]

  • Applications: Grinding Wheels; Polishing and Lapping (Very Fine)
  • Grade / Size: 0.0 to 60
  • Shape: Abrasive Grain / Grit; Crushed Grit
  • Grading System: Micron Graded