Zero-Low Dock Lifts -- ZDK-1060120A
from Air Technical Industries

Features: 4,000 lbs. capacity. Work from different elevations for easy raising and lowering of loads. Ground Zero loading without the need for ramps or cumbersome inclines. Saves the expense and inconvenience of pit mounting and offers the versatility to be used any place on a solid floor for easy... [See More]

  • Lift Type: Dock
  • Length: 60 to 72
  • Lift Travel: 72
  • Width: 120
Drive On Loading Dock -- DO-LD 38-10
from Econo Lift Limited

Options. •Different platform sizes. •Bellow safety skirting / safety touch bars. •Vertical travel - higher or lower. •Limit switches / photo eyes. •Eye bolts - for moving lifts easily. •Semi-portable c/w dolly handle [See More]

  • Lift Type: Dock
  • Length: 18
  • Lift Travel: 38
  • Width: 50
Scissor Lift -- XPL4400MSL
from KieTek International, Inc.

Lifts are designed to convey loads up or down from trailers to cargo decks and dollies. Applications may vary from location to location. KieTek utilizes lifts designed to meet the customer ’s specific requirements. The Scissor Lift is surface or pit mounted depending on the application. Not... [See More]

  • Lift Type: Dock
  • Width: 101
  • Length: 132
DockLift -- DL-48-040
from American Lifts

1 hp motor, 8 in. lowered height, stabilized lift arms [See More]

  • Lift Type: Dock
  • Length: 72
  • Lift Travel: 48
  • Width: 84
Mobi-Dock CMD Scissors -- CMD 30
from Autoquip Corporation

CMD Dock Lift – Simple Dock Lifting. Portable, low capacity CMD Dock Scissor Lifts feature an exceptionally low 5.375" profile. CMD models offer a 72-inch x 72-inch platform, 3,000 pound or 4,000 pound capacities, and 50 inches of vertical travel. With solid steel construction, 4-way tread... [See More]

  • Lift Type: Dock; Table
  • Length: 72
  • Lift Travel: 50
  • Width: 72
Portable Loading Dock for USPS -- TAD-3912
from ECOA Industrial Products

Electrohydraulic, follows postal specification USPS-P-730D, no pit required [See More]

  • Lift Type: Dock
  • Length: 72
  • Lift Travel: 50
  • Width: 72
TLD Series Loading Dock -- TLD100 - 72120
from Titan Worldwide

Power packs c/w standard hand control and 18" hinged lip one end [See More]

  • Lift Type: Dock
  • Length: 120
  • Lift Travel: 60
  • Width: 72