Drying Electric Heaters Datasheets

Air Heater -- HAI Series
from Acrolab Ltd.

Acrolab's air heaters and heated hoses are found in a variety of industries, from packaging and sealing, to drying and bonding. For more information or to request a quote, please contact our sales department for application assistance. [See More]

  • Applications: Drying; OEM / Custom; Metal Working, Plastic Welding, Sealing
  • Max Air Temperature: ? to 1000
  • Heater Type: Air Heater
  • Heating Capacity: 0.40 to 0.60
Electric Infrared Module Heaters - Model EXD
from Aitken Products, Inc.

For Drying, Baking, and Curing. Aitken Infrared Process Modules are designed primarily as process heaters and are not intended for people or comfort heating. Maximum operating ambient temperature of 350 degrees F. Higher object temperatures can be achieved. Process Modules. Metal sheath heaters... [See More]

  • Applications: Curing or Tempering; Drying
  • Maximum Operating (Sheath) Temperature: 1450
  • Heater Type: Radiant Heater; Radiant Reflective Process Heater
  • Heating Capacity: 1.60 to 7.20
Heavy Duty Air Heater -- HA2 series
from Backer Hotwatt Inc.

Features. The Air Process heater will provide hot air and gas up to 1000 °F (540 °C) with. infinite control by varying the voltage and air velocity supplied. Units are fitted. with a tubing "T" for convenient power lead outlet, while larger diameters can be. supplied with post terminals on... [See More]

  • Applications: Drying; Baking, Metal Working, Plastic Welding
  • Max Air Temperature: 1000 to 1200
  • Heater Type: HeatTorch; Air Heater
  • Maximum Air Flow: 50
Process Air Heater - Ceramic - Curved Face Ceramic Radiant Heater -- RCH-C
from Chromalox

6 - 44 W/In ². 200 - 1,200 Watts. 120, 240 and 480 Volt. 4.8, 9.65 and 11.5" Lengths. 2.36 and 3.65" Widths [See More]

  • Applications: Curing or Tempering; Drying; Thermoforming, Skin Sheeting for Packaging, Gelling PVC Paste, Adhesives Heating, Drying, Fixing, Water Evaporation, Powder Coat Curing
  • Heating Capacity: 0.20 to 1.20
  • Heater Type: Air Heater; Ceramic Fiber Heater
  • AC Voltage Required: 120 to 480
Enclosure Fan Heaters -- CR027 Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

•. Compact Enclosure Fan Heater in PTC Technology. •. Compact Fan Heater in PTC Technology. •. Heating Power Adjusts to Ambient Temperature. •. Integrated Adjustable Thermostat and Control Light. •. DIN Rail Mountable [See More]

  • Applications: Drying
  • Maximum Operating (Sheath) Temperature: 140
  • Heater Type: ForcedAir
  • AC Voltage Required: 120
Infrared Radiant Heater, OK3 Series -- OK3064
from Thermon Manufacturing Co.

OK3 - Infrared Radiant Heater (Comfort Heating, Extra High Density). CCI Thermal Technologies Product Line- Caloritech. The Caloritech ™ OK3 Extra High Density Infrared Radiant Heater is designed for comfort heating or process heating applications where an extra high density rugged heat source... [See More]

  • Applications: Curing or Tempering; Drying
  • Maximum Operating (Sheath) Temperature: 1500
  • Heater Type: Radiant Heater; Radiant Reflective Process Heater
  • Heating Capacity: 6.40
Kapton Heater (Rectangular, 115V) -- KH-10X-*-115
from Benchmark Thermal Corp.

Kapton Heaters. Kapton ® is a polyimide material that has high dielectric strength, allowing for a very thin heater construction. It also has excellent tensile strength, tear resistance, cut-through resistance and dimensional stability which produces an extremely strong, flexible and lightweight... [See More]

  • Applications: Curing or Tempering (optional feature); Drying (optional feature); Melting (optional feature); OEM / Custom (optional feature)
  • Maximum Operating (Sheath) Temperature: -328 to 392
  • Heater Type: Flexible Heater
  • Heating Capacity: 0.25 to 1.20
Electric Infrared Heaters -- BAH-18-A-05
from Detroit Radiant Products Company

Mounts in any position, pollution free; no venting required [See More]

  • Applications: Drying; OEM / Custom
  • Heating Capacity: 0.50
  • Heater Type: Radiant Heater; Radiant Reflective Process Heater
  • Phase: Single Phase AC Voltage
Chiller/Heater Combination Mold Temperature Controller -- OTC Series
from DME Company

The “Cheater ”---Chiller/Heater combination mold temperature controller. One machine replaces the need for both a chiller and a heater. Single unit allows 30 ºF-190 ºF with less than a ±0.2 ºF variance. No external water source needed. Instantaneous changeover for... [See More]

  • Applications: Drying; Clean Water Heating; Molding Applications
  • Maximum Operating (Sheath) Temperature: 190
  • Heater Type: Circulation Heater
  • Heating Capacity: 1.50 to 4.00
RADPLANE® Ceramic Face Infrared Heaters -- Series 36 – 37 – 38 – 39
from Glenro Inc.

Proven Performance. Uniform Heat Energy Output. Large Heated Areas = No Hot or Cold Spots. Insulated Construction = Minimal Heat Loss. Self-Cleaning Ceramic Face. Reflector Free = Low Maintenance. Repairable. Output Power & Temperature Controllable. Standard Platform. RADPLANE ® Series 36... [See More]

  • Applications: Annealing or Heat Treating; Curing or Tempering; Drying; Dry/Cure Coatings & Adhesives on Paper/Fabric, Gel/Fuse/Anneal Vinyl, Dry Coating on Parts, B-Stage/Cure Phenolic Resin Impregnated Paper/Fabric
  • Maximum Operating (Sheath) Temperature: 400 to 1500
  • Heater Type: Radiant Heater; Radiant Flat Panel Heater
  • Phase: Single Phase AC Voltage
ADH Series Air Duct Heater -- ADH-06-243
from Heat Exchange & Transfer, Inc.

Air duct heaters are available in standard and custom designs. The duct heater can be installed vertically or horizontally into a rectangular or square duct. Transition sections for circular or small ducts are available. The duct heater consists of stainless steel tubular elements welded into a... [See More]

  • Applications: Drying
  • Max Air Temperature: 1200
  • Heater Type: Explosion-proof Heater (optional feature); Air Heater; Duct Heater
  • Heating Capacity: 6.00
CRES-SF Miniature Inline Electric Heater with Compression Fittings
from Infinity Fluids Corp.

Heating Nitrogen is a critical process, which requires a heater of minimal Watt Density (WSI), less than 25 watts/square inch is required to heat Nitrogen safely. All Infinity CRES-SFC Heaters provide the necessary WSI to safely heat all forms of gases. Units which use WSI higher than 25 run the... [See More]

  • Applications: Drying; Gases/Vapors; Clean Water Heating; Process Waters; High Purity Waters
  • Heating Capacity: 0.25 to 10.00
  • Heater Type: Explosion-proof Heater (optional feature); Inline Heater; Water Heaters; Air Heater; Circulation Heater
  • Phase: Single Phase AC Voltage; Three Phase AC Voltage (optional feature)
LE 10,000 for KSR Digital Forced Air Heater
from Leister USA

Features a thermoswitch for device protection, ability to control temperatures via Leister's KSR digital temperature controller, and integrated heating element protection [See More]

  • Applications: Curing or Tempering; Drying; Melting
  • Maximum Operating (Sheath) Temperature: 1202
  • Heater Type: ForcedAir; Air Heater
  • Phase: Three Phase AC Voltage
Black Glass Surface Panel Heater Style RG
from Tempco Electric Heater Corporation

Features: Panel heater can be mounted in any direction. High temperature black glass emitter. Ceramic cloth is placed between the glass and the resistance wire. High temperature cement bond. Grooved refractory board to hold resistance wire. Precision wound resistance wire. Optional quartz thermowell... [See More]

  • Applications: Drying; OEM / Custom (optional feature)
  • Max Air Temperature: 1600
  • Heater Type: Radiant Heater; Radiant Flat Panel Heater
  • Heating Capacity: 0.72 to 8.64
Electric Plug Heater -- FFHP-0721
from Trent, Inc.

TRENT FFHP PLUG HEATERS are compact, pre-packaged units designed for quick installation and long life with a maximum operating frame temperature of 1350 °F / 732 °C or furnace operating applications as high as 1200 °F / 649 °C. Multiple banks of TRENT Folded and Formed ® heater... [See More]

  • Applications: Drying
  • Maximum Operating (Sheath) Temperature: 1350
  • Heater Type: Air Heater; Duct Heater
  • Max Air Temperature: 1350
Circulation and Process Heater -- Modular Duct Heater
from Watlow®

Watlow's circulation heaters are compact heating solutions for fluids such as purified and inert gases, supercritical fluids and liquids like de-ionized water for use in semiconductor and electronics industries as well as for general liquid and gas heating applications. Watlow's industrial process... [See More]

  • Applications: Curing or Tempering; Drying
  • Phase: Single Phase AC Voltage (optional feature); Three Phase AC Voltage (optional feature)
  • Heater Type: Circulation Heater; Duct Heater
  • AC Voltage Required: 240 to 480