No Insulation Electric Heaters Datasheets

Cartridge and Immersion Temp Controller -- 17000/18000 Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

Adjustable range from -73 to 316 °C (-100 to 600 °F) offers wide field of application . Resolution sensitivity of -17.7 °C (0.1 °F) offers close control of process. Compact size; lengths under 127 mm (5") and diameters less than 20.6 mm (13.16") fit almost any application. Fast... [See More]

  • Insulation Options: No Insulation
  • Phase: Single Phase AC Voltage
  • Maximum Operating (Sheath) Temperature: 600
  • AC Voltage Required: 120 to 240
Cartridge Heaters Series
from Benchmark Thermal Corp.

Cartridge Heaters. Yield the highest possible watt density for those applications that require intense heat in a relatively small package. They have the virtue of parallel power leads feeding one end of the element, rather than a circuit requiring configuration for access to both ends. BENCHMARK... [See More]

  • Insulation Options: No Insulation
  • AC Voltage Required: 120 to 480
  • Heating Capacity: 0.48 to 10.00
  • Sleeve (Sheath) Material: Nickel Alloy; Ni-Cr wire around Mg-oxide cores
Reznor® PEH Series Indoor Electric Heat Ventilation Air Handler -- Model PEH10A
from Reznor

The Model PEH is the new indoor electric heat ventilation air handler. The PEH comes in 4 cabinet sizes featuring a total of 12 electric heat sizes to meet the ventilation needs. When matched with the controls, the air handler provides precise heating for standard room heating to 100% outside air... [See More]

  • Insulation Options: No Insulation; Air Mix Box w/R value 3.8/4.4 insulation
  • Heating Capacity: 10.00
  • Maximum Air Flow: 375
  • Phase: Single Phase AC Voltage; Three Phase AC Voltage (optional feature)
Cast Nozzel Bronze Heater Bushings NHB Series
from Tempco Electric Heater Corporation

Features: Bronze Cast construction for excellent heat transfer and long life. Operating Temperature to 1200 °F (650 °C). Built-in Type J or K Thermocouple for accurate temperature control. Distributed wattage for even heat transfer. Precision machining of the inside diameter. Choice of leads... [See More]

  • Insulation Options: No Insulation
  • Heating Capacity: 0.30 to 1.00
  • Maximum Operating (Sheath) Temperature: 1200
  • Phase: Single Phase AC Voltage
Electric Plug Heater -- FFHP-0721
from Trent, Inc.

TRENT FFHP PLUG HEATERS are compact, pre-packaged units designed for quick installation and long life with a maximum operating frame temperature of 1350 °F / 732 °C or furnace operating applications as high as 1200 °F / 649 °C. Multiple banks of TRENT Folded and Formed ® heater... [See More]

  • Insulation Options: No Insulation
  • Max Air Temperature: 1350
  • Maximum Operating (Sheath) Temperature: 1350
  • Heating Capacity: 7.50
Low Temperature Air Type VFT 1400 CFM -- VFT1218H-53C3
from Vulcan Electric Co.

1400 CFM min. air flow, galvanized steel terminal housing, mounting flange [See More]

  • Insulation Options: No Insulation
  • Phase: Three Phase AC Voltage
  • Maximum Operating (Sheath) Temperature: 100
  • AC Voltage Required: 480