Industrial UV Cameras Datasheets

DayCor® Rail Railway UV Inspection System
from Ofil Ltd.

Characteristics. DayCor ® Rail is a fully automatic stand alone corona inspection systems dedicated to railway. Rail incorporates the DayCor ®daytime corona detection and reporting system in a ruggedized structure. It is designed for high speed automatic detection of corona & arcing,... [See More]

  • Application / Industry: Industrial
  • Camera Function: Video
Progressive Scan Gigabit Camera -- Model TM-1405GE [Model TM-1405GE from JAI PULNiX, Inc.]
from Aegis Electronic Group, Inc.

Gigabit Ethernet 1/2", CCD monochrome camera [See More]

  • Application / Industry: Industrial
  • Imaging Technology: CCD
  • Camera Function: Video
  • Horizontal Resolution: 1392
Intensified Radiation Hardened Camera -- CIDI8710D1M-UV
from Thermo Scientific Liquid Handling Consumables & Instruments

Thermo Scientific* CIDI8710D1M-UV is a gated, intensified, CID-based camera consisting of a CID8710D1M radiation-hardened solid state RS-170 camera, fiberoptically coupled to high performance GENII-UV image intensifier tube from DEP. Solid-state video monochrome video camera features a 2:1... [See More]

  • Application / Industry: Industrial; Scientific / Research
  • Imaging Technology: CID
  • Camera Function: Video
  • Horizontal Resolution: 776