1000 Series Brush DC Servomotor
from Aerotech, Inc.

Design Features. Dynamically balanced, skewed rotor for exceptionally smooth velocity. Standard NEMA 23, 34, and 42 frame sizes. Standard stainless-steel shaft resists corrosion. Double shielded bearing for long motor life. Options include tachometer, encoders, metric flange, and integral cable [See More]

  • Feedback: Integral Encoder (optional feature); Integral Tachometer (optional feature)
  • Shaft Speed: 3000 to 6000
  • DC Voltage: 40.0 to 137.0
  • Continuous Current: 4.1 to 6
Custom Solutions DC Motors
from Bodine Electric Company

Drive systems designed to meet your needs [See More]

  • Feedback: Integral Encoder (optional feature); Integral Resolver (optional feature); Integral Tachometer (optional feature)
  • Shaft Speed: 0 to 10000
  • DC Voltage: 24.0 to 130.0
  • Continuous Current: 0.3000 to 18
DCmind Brush DC Motor with 2 Channel 1,000 CPR Encoder -- 89800903
from Crouzet

Premium DC Brush Motor offering up to 10,000 hours life, less than 40dBA noise with integrated 1,000CPR Encoder. [See More]

  • Feedback: Integral Encoder
  • Shaft Speed: 3930
  • DC Voltage: 48.0
  • Continuous Torque: 0.7 to 75.0
RapidPower™ BLDC Motor- RP23 -- RPP23-100
from ElectroCraft

Our ElectroCraft RapidPowerTM Plus Brushless Servo Motor, Nema 23, is a high voltage, high performance brushless servo motor incorporating the latest electro-magnetic components creating high continuous torques with low inertia for rapid acceleration. It is available with hall-effect commutation or... [See More]

  • Feedback: Integral Encoder
  • Shaft Speed: 0 to 6000
  • DC Voltage: 160.0 to 320.0
  • Continuous Current: 1.5 to 3
2100 Series -- 2105 [2105 from Torque Systems]
from Electromate

CMC Torque Systems introduces their high performance Torquemaster MH2100 series permanent magnet brush type DC servo motors, designed for demanding industrial motion control applications. Rated to 18.8 lb-in peak torque, these NEMA 23 frame motors offer exceptional performance, ease of operation,... [See More]

  • Feedback: Integral Encoder (optional feature); Integral Tachometer (optional feature)
  • Continuous Torque: 0.8
  • Shaft Speed: 6500
  • Rotor Inertia: 0.0018
EMMS-AS-100-M-HS-RM Servo motor -- 550128
from Festo Corporation

Servo motor EMMS-AS-100-M-HS-RM Without gear unit. Rotor position sensor=Encoder, Temperature monitoring=PTC resistor, Max. speed=3750 1/min, Nominal rotary speed=3400 1/min, Insulation protection class=F [See More]

  • Feedback: Integral Encoder
  • Shaft Speed: 3750
  • DC Voltage: 565.0
  • Continuous Current: 3.4
N23 Series - Nema 23 Brushless Servo Motor with 1000-line Encoder -- BLM-N23-50-1000-B
from Galil Motion Control

Galil's N23 brushless servo motor allows for quick and easy prototyping of servo systems. The motor includes an attached 1000 line encoder which provides position feedback to Galil controllers. [See More]

  • Feedback: Integral Encoder
  • Shaft Speed: 5000
  • DC Voltage: 48.0
  • Continuous Current: 4.9
Faulhaber BX4 -- 2232 BX4 AES

System FAULHABER, ironless stator coil. High reliability and operational lifetime. Wide range of linear torque / speed performance. No sparking. No cogging. Dynamically balanced rotor. Simple design. Available with optional digital or analog hall sensors [See More]

  • Feedback: Integral Encoder
  • Shaft Speed: 20000 to 25000
  • DC Voltage: 12.0 to 24.0
  • Continuous Current: 0.5600 to 1.6
Miniature High Torque DC Motor Series C13 -- C13-L19 W10
from Moog Components Group

The C13 series high energy rare earth servomotors provide fast response and high starting torque, but are priced significantly less than comparable rare earth motors. They offer high coercivity and high flux density for greater mechanical output. Lightweight, yet highly reliable, these motors will... [See More]

  • Feedback: Integral Encoder (optional feature); Integral Tachometer (optional feature)
  • Shaft Speed: 3000
  • DC Voltage: 6.0 to 18.0
  • Continuous Current: 2.05
NEMA 17/42mm Cool Muscle Integrated Servo -- CM1-X-17S30C
from Myostat Motion Control, Inc.

Integrated Servos with Robust Industrial Interfaces. Myostat Motion Control offers a line of industrial interfaces to enhance communications and provide more robust connector options for the Cool Muscle line of servo motors. The Ethernet/IP interface provides direct communications over standard... [See More]

  • Feedback: Integral Encoder
  • Continuous Torque: 0.7
  • Shaft Speed: 3000
  • Output Power: 0.0241
Brushless Servo Motos - BNL 2300 -- BNL2305T
from Torque Systems

With fast response, accurate control and high torque-to-inertia ratios, you can count on these servo motors to provide smooth operation throughout a full speed range. They deliver smooth and superior low speed performance and maximum power ratings with low thermal resistance for high speed... [See More]

  • Feedback: Integral Encoder
  • Shaft Speed: 10000
  • DC Voltage: 325.0
  • Continuous Torque: 3.1
Cyber Dynamic Line Servomotors -- cyber® D17
from WITTENSTEIN, Inc. (formerly alpha gear drives)

dynamic – high torque – efficient. cyber dynamic line servomotors are the smart selection for your application. Equipped with absolute feedback in a stainless steel housing, they deliver the highest performance, reliability, precision and value in the smallest package. Product Features. [See More]

  • Feedback: Integral Encoder; Absolute
  • Continuous Torque: 0.1
  • DC Voltage: 24.0 to 48.0
  • Commutation: Brushless
SGMMV Sigma-5 Mini Rotary Servomotor -- SGMMV-A1
from Yaskawa America, Inc. - Motion Division

3.3W, 5.5W, 10W, 11W, 20W, 30W. The SGMMV ultra-small capacity brushless servomotor can be used in a variety of applications. This ultra-compact unit comes in a wide selection of models including two flange sizes, AC or DC power* and holding breakes*. Features. Low inertia. High resolution absolute... [See More]

  • Feedback: Integral Encoder
  • Shaft Speed: 6000
  • DC Voltage: 24.0 to 48.0
  • Continuous Current: 2.1
ValueLine Series -- VL23-020D
from Applied Motion Products, Inc.

Medical/laboratory/semi-conductor/instrumentation & light industrial apps. [See More]

  • Feedback: Integral Encoder
  • Shaft Speed: 3000 to 5000
  • DC Voltage: 24.0
  • Continuous Current: 6.6
Coreless DC Motor: 13mm Series -- NC-132501
from Citizen Chiba Precision Co., Ltd.

Superior responseNo coggingLong life of brush and commutatorMotors with tens of thousands rpm are available as option. [See More]

  • Feedback: Integral Encoder (optional feature); Integral Tachometer (optional feature)
  • Shaft Speed: 14000
  • DC Voltage: 12.0
  • Continuous Current: 0.1950
Series B23 -- Model B23-E-075
from Magmotor Technologies, Inc.

Key Performance Features: High Energy Neodymium Magnets. Operating Speeds to 6,000 RPM. High Torque to Size Ratio. Encoder Ready. NEMA 23 Flange Mounting. CE Certificate Available. 24-170 VDC Typical Bus Voltage [See More]

  • Feedback: Integral Encoder (optional feature)
  • Shaft Speed: 6000
  • DC Voltage: 24.0 to 170.0
  • Continuous Torque: 2.5
LA Series -- LA052-040E
from Shinano Kenshi Corporation

Connector pin function included, CCW rotational motor [See More]

  • Feedback: Integral Encoder
  • Shaft Speed: 3000
  • DC Voltage: 24.0 to 75.0
  • Continuous Current: 0.9000 to 2.5
Standard Brushless Motor -- TG2300-ENC
from ThinGap LLC

Common features of our standard motors and part sets include high power density, smaller package and high efficiency, resulting in reduced power consumption that extends battery life.  Standard motors are available for quick delivery with such options as Y or Delta stators, mounting configurations,... [See More]

  • Feedback: Integral Encoder
  • Shaft Speed: 1230 to 7200
  • DC Voltage: 12.0 to 48.0
  • Continuous Current: 6.5 to 9.2