Specialty / Other Rolled Metals and Drawn Metals Datasheets

AL 304 DA Stainless Steel -- Sheet
from Allegheny Ludlum Corp.

Tri-ply composite of a dual stabilized, low carbon steel [See More]

  • Features: Wrought; Cold Finished, Rolled or Cold Drawn (optional feature); Hot Rolled (optional feature); Austenitic; Corrosion Resistant; Specialty
  • Specifications: AISI; ASTM / ASME
  • Type: Stainless; CladBimetal; Alloy; Miscellaneous Ferrous Alloy; Stainless Clad Carbon Steel, Three Ply
  • Thickness: 0.1875 to 10
Ductile Iron -- 65-45-12 HRDS
from Dura-Bar

Non-stock intended for elevated temperatures/ thermal cycling [See More]

  • Features: Continuous, Centrifugal or Other Casting Process; Wrought; Cold Finished, Rolled or Cold Drawn (optional feature); Ferritic; Heat Resistant; Specialty
  • Width / OD: 1.25 to 20
  • Type: Composite; Miscellaneous Ferrous Alloy; 3.25-4% Silicon
  • Length: 54 to 144
Helical Hollow Strand™ -- HHS™
from Fort Wayne Metals, Inc.

Fort Wayne Metals Helical Hollow Strand ™ (HHS) furthers our excellence in stranding and cabling of medical grade wire. HHS is a Fort Wayne Metals stranded wire with an open center working channel. HHS is manufactured using wire material drawn by Fort Wayne Metals. HHS has excellent whip free... [See More]

  • Features: Coil Stock; Wrought; Cold Finished, Rolled or Cold Drawn; Coated / Painted (optional feature); Corrosion Resistant; Superalloy (optional feature); Specialty (optional feature)
  • Specifications: ASTM / ASME (optional feature)
  • Type: Stainless (optional feature); Nickel (optional feature); Platinum (optional feature); PreciousNoble (optional feature); Refractory / Reactive (optional feature); Titanium (optional feature); Alloy (optional feature); Pure, Unalloyed or Very Low Alloy Additions (optional feature); Miscellaneous Nonferrous Metal or Alloy (optional feature); DFT®
  • Thickness: 5.00E-4 to 0.3940