Surface Location / Orientation:Other Architectural Coatings Datasheets

Architectural Coating Stove Bright 1990 Satin Black Aerosol -- 1A62H290
from FORREST Technical Coatings

Stove Bright ® 1A62H290 Satin Black is a high heat coating formulated with a unique blend of heat resistant pigments in a silicone polymer resin that provides excellent color retention and film integrity in working temperature up to 1200 °F (650 °C). This coating is designed for rapid... [See More]

  • Location / Orientation: Exterior; Interior
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Film Drying; Thermoplastic
  • Type: Coating; Paint
  • Substrate: Aluminum; Concrete; Metallic; Steel; Other
Key #100 Decoupage Resin
from Key Resin Company

KEY #100 Decoupage Resin is a 100% solids epoxy which cures to a clear, high gloss finish having good clarity and color retention. Key #100 resists scratching and is ideally suited for coating table tops, bar tops and similar decoupage applications. [See More]

  • Location / Orientation: Floor; Clear Castings, Embedding Objects, Coating Table Tops and Similar Applications
  • Coating Material: Epoxy; Resin
  • Type: Coating
  • Cure Temperature: 50 to 74
Dry Mineral Coating -- PC® 74 A2 Coating
from Pittsburgh Corning (FOAMGLAS® insulation)

A dry mineral coating used with glass fabric as a non-combustible coating and as an adhesive for FOAMGLAS ® insulation. It contains a special mixture of sands, cement, and hydrated lime. E.U. Stock Item. Available in standard 25 kg bags. [See More]

  • Location / Orientation: Fresh Air Ducts or on Air Channels, Pipelines and Cavity Floors
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Film Drying
  • Type: Coating
  • Substrate: Concrete
Break-A-Way Specialty Coatings -- 0031
from Saint-Gobain Foams and Tapes

0031. Break-A-Way Specialty Coating. An acrylic coating applied to untreated polyester film which exhibits a "breaking away" from the base film, through heat and pressure. 0031 has been designed for a smooth surface profile, excellent optical properties, and good abrasion resistance. Typical usage... [See More]

  • Location / Orientation: Films
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Thermoplastic
  • Type: Coating
  • Substrate: Plastic
NO-OX-ID 6X Hot Applied Wax Coating
from Sanchem, Inc.

is a black fairly tough, elastic, and rubbery wax type hot applied coating and is designed primarily for application to underground pipe. This rust preventative coating has a melting point of approximately 160oF - 175oF and it will not cold flow. NO-OX-ID 6X provides a firm, flexible, and securely... [See More]

  • Location / Orientation: Exterior; Underground Pipes
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Film Drying
  • Type: Coating; Primer; Rust Preventive Coating
  • Substrate: Concrete; Metallic
100% Solids Self-leveling Epoxy -- ArmorSeal®650 HB/RC
from Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings

ArmorSeal ®650 HB/RC 100% SOLIDS SELF-LEVELING EPOXY is a three-component, heavy duty floor system that provides a high gloss, seamless, hygienic surface that is a extremely hard wearing and durable. Should be used for applications requiring film builds greater than 30.0 mils dft. Chemical... [See More]

  • Location / Orientation: Floor; Aisleways
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Film Drying; Multicomponent
  • Type: Coating; Clear Coat
  • Substrate: Concrete; Steel; Other; Iron
from Whitford Corporation

Eterna for Cookware. A unique nonstick that breaks the rules: now 1 + 1=3! Eterna is unique technology in fluoropolymer composites that creates significant improvements in release properties greater than any individual fluoropolymer. In simple terms, 1 + 1=3!. 11 Key Facts About New Eterna. In the... [See More]

  • Location / Orientation: Cookware
  • Substrate: Aluminum; Steel
  • Type: Coating
  • Thickness: 1.00E-3 to 0.0015
PFA Powder Coating -- 3M™ PFA 6503 A
from 3M Advanced Materials Division

3M ™ PFA (a polymer of tetrafluoroethylene and perfluorovinylether) has exceptional heat resistance, excellent electrical properties and excellent chemical and weather resistance. It is also used in several chemical industry and home appliance coatings applications. This product line was... [See More]

  • Location / Orientation: Industrial
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Thermoplastic
  • Type: Coating; Powder Coating Applications
  • Substrate: Aluminum; Metallic; Steel
VBD-10 Damping Compound -- VBD-10
from Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

Sound Damping Compound is a water based damping compound for the treatment of vibrating metal, wood, glass, ceramic and most plastic surfaces. This material imparts vibration damping and a shift in the dominant frequency. The resulting structure borne noise reduction provides a means of improving... [See More]

  • Location / Orientation: Exterior; Interior; Machinery
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Thermoset
  • Type: Coating; Sound Damping
  • Substrate: Aluminum; Anodized; Ceramic; Glass; Metallic; Plastic; Steel; Wood
Interpon APP 120
from AkzoNobel N.V.

Active primer for the protection of steel substrates [See More]

  • Type: Coating
Anti-Static Coating -- ACC-4202
from Crosslink

Coatings Quickly Dissipate Static ElectricityAnti-static coatings are vital to the safety of materials, machinery and individuals across many different industries. Anti-static coatings, also known as electrostatic dissipation (ESD) coatings, help prevent problems associated with static charge... [See More]

  • Location / Orientation: Exterior; Aircraft Windows
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Thermoset (optional feature); Ultraviolet Light Curing
  • Type: Coating; Discharge Coating
  • Substrate: Glass
from Daikin America, Inc.

OPTOOL is fluorine compound which has very secific structure and has excellent fouling prevention performance. Especially it provides excellent fingerprint marking prevention capability. [See More]

  • Location / Orientation: Displays / Lenses
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Film Drying
  • Type: Coating; Anti-Fouling Agent for Lenses/Displays
  • Substrate: Glass
Thurmalox® -- 70
from Dampney Company, Inc.

Prevents chloride induced external stress corrosion cracking from cryogenic to 1000F [See More]

  • Location / Orientation: Interior; Stack Interior; Immersion Service
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Film Drying; Thermoset (optional feature)
  • Type: Coating
  • Substrate: Metallic; Steel; Other; Stainless Steel
.96L Large Character WaxJet Ink - Black -- 32018987
from Graphic Controls

Graphic Controls new line of solid inks for use in Markem ® printersare formulated with our customer needs in mind.   Whether you have smallcharacter or large character ink jet printing systems, printing text,bar codes or graphics, Graphic Controls has a solution.  . GraphicControls... [See More]

  • Location / Orientation: Interior; Barcoding
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Film Drying
  • Type: Ink; Marking Material
  • Substrate: Aluminum; Glass; Plastic; Wood; Other
Dielectric Coating -- Jaro 650 Series
from JARO Corp.

At Jaro Corp, we manufacture and apply our own dielectric coating: JARO 650 Series Polyimide. This coating is a proprietary polyimide thermo set material, offering outstanding characteristics which include: Remarkable resistance to high temperatures. It also performs well at cryogenic levels. High... [See More]

  • Location / Orientation: Functional Coating on Electronics
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Thermoset
  • Type: Coating; Nonconductive, Insulating Coating
  • Substrate: Other; Electronic Component Substrates
Elastic, Solvent-Free, Rubber Bitumen Liquid Waterproofing Membrane -- KBE Liquid Film
from KOSTER American Corporation

KOSTER KBE Liquid Film is a highly elastic, solvent-free, rubber/bitumen based compound. The material is weather and UV-resistant. KOSTER KBE Liquid Film is used for foundation and intermediate waterproofing on horizontal areas of terraces, balconies, wet and/or damp rooms (under screeds) as well as... [See More]

  • Location / Orientation: Balconies and Terraces
  • Type: Coating (optional feature)
Enamo Grip
from Midwesco Filter Resources, Inc.

Enamo Grip provides a permanent, protective membrane that stops water penetration, preventing surface deterioration, contamination and development of mold and mildew. Enamo Grip is a two-part aliphatic polyurethane enamel available in clear and colors. It fo rms a uniquely hard and durable coating... [See More]

  • Location / Orientation: Exterior; Interior; Floor; Pipes, Tanks
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Multicomponent
  • Type: Coating; Enamel; Clear Coat
  • Substrate: Concrete; Metallic; Wood; Other; Porous Surfaces
Standard Pellicle Coatings
from National Photocolor Corp.

Adding to our large inventory of coatings, NPC now carries minimal loss 45%/55% R/T Average coatings for wavelength ranges 400nm to 700nm, 700nm to 900nm, 1um to 2um and 3um to 5um. We can select these coated pellicles for single wavelength and angle applications for P, S, or unpolarized light. [See More]

  • Location / Orientation: Coating For Pellicles
  • Substrate: Other; Nitrocellulose
  • Type: Coating
  • Thickness: 8.00E-5 to 2.00E-4
Sewergard™ Glaze -- No. 210G
from Sauereisen, Inc.

Sauereisen SewerGard Glaze No. 210G is a protective coating specifically formulated for municipal wastewater environments. SewerGard Glaze provides a chemical-resistant barrier for concrete and steel. It may also serve as a sealing topcoat over other Sauereisen restorative materials and protective... [See More]

  • Location / Orientation: Interior; Floor; Wall; Lift Stations, Tankage, Treatment Plants
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Film Drying; Multicomponent
  • Type: Coating; Clear Coat
  • Substrate: Concrete; Metallic; Steel

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