Clean Air / Gas Material Handling and Pneumatic Conveying Blowers Datasheets

BC Presure Blowers
from New York Blower Company (The)

New York Blower BC Pressure Blowers are designed for high-pressure, industrial-process applications. All applications can be handled in either induced-draft or forced-draft configurations. Numerous modifications and accessories make the BC Pressure Blower suitable for a wide range of systems. DESIGN... [See More]

  • Environment: Clean; Dust
  • Air Flow Rate: 0 to 80000
  • Product Form: Packaged
  • Static Pressure Range: 407 to 517
Belt Driven Centrfugal Blower -- EP10AH
from Air Control Industries Inc.

Performance Figures. Inlet temperature. Maximum of 365 deg.F / 185 deg.C. Flow. Up to 2000M3/hr (1200CFM). Pressure. Up to 250mBar (100 In. SWG). Noise. 82-91dB(A) depending on speed/power 72-79dB(A) with acoustic cover, Free Air, 1M. Weight. 70Kg (7.5kW motor plus fan) 120Kg (18.5kW motor plus... [See More]

  • Environment: Clean; Corrosive; Dirty; Dust; Smoke
  • Air Flow Rate: 1200
  • Product Form: Packaged
  • Static Pressure Range: 100
Centrifugal Blower -- ABC-500
from Atlantic Blowers

Unique design allows our blowers to achieve high levels of flow and pressure. Oil-free and low maintenance. Heavy duty cast aluminum housing and cover. Integrated muffler/silencer reduces noise. Specifically designed impeller maintains a constant and steady air flow stream. Exclusive squirrel cage... [See More]

  • Environment: Clean; Dust; Smoke
  • Air Flow Rate: 1250 to 1429
  • Product Form: Packaged
  • Static Pressure Range: 11 to 15
Design 38 Cast Aluminum Pressure Blowers
from Chicago Blower Corporation

Chicago castings blend aluminum with high-strength alloys to create strong, corrosion-free housings and wheels ideal for adverse industrial environments. Aluminum also stands up to sub-zero ambients without material deterioration. Since aluminum is non-magnetic and non-toxic, Chicago's pressure... [See More]

  • Environment: Clean; Corrosive
  • Air Flow Rate: 4000
  • Product Form: Packaged
  • Static Pressure Range: 427
Model PB-10A
from Cincinnati Fan

Cast aluminum pressure blower for cooling, conveying and pressurizing [See More]

  • Environment: Clean; Dirty; Dust
  • Static Pressure Range: 1 to 10
  • Air Flow Rate: 124 to 900
  • Temperature Range: ? to 400
AIRPACK High Pressure Blower
from Leister USA

High pressure blower (side channel compressor). High pressure and surprisingly high air-flow. [See More]

  • Environment: Clean; Dirty; Dust; Smoke
  • Static Pressure Range: ? to 117
  • Air Flow Rate: 124 to 159
  • Temperature Range: 5 to 104
Backwardy Inclined Industrial Fan Type J
from Robinson Fans

The Robinson type J fan is a backward curve unit designed to give quiet, highly efficient, stable operation through a wide performance range with the protection of absolute non-overloading characteristics. Both the airflow principles and structural design feature incorporated are based on 60 years... [See More]

  • Environment: Clean
  • Design: Other; Backward Inclined
  • Product Form: Packaged
  • AMCA Class: ClassI (optional feature); ClassII (optional feature); ClassIII (optional feature)

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