Single End Wrench Wrenches Datasheets

Construction Open End Wrench with Pin

Ampco non-sparking products are intended for use in areas where a high risk of fire or explosion exists, as in the presence of flammable gases or liquids. Non-magnetic Ampco tools, made from a variety of Ampco alloys with a typical magnetic permeability between 1.01 and 1.2, are recommended in... [See More]

  • Type: Single End
  • Wrench Length: 12.6 to 20.87
  • Drive Size: 0.6693 to 1.97
  • Wrench Weight: 0.5954 to 7.83
Wrench Open End 1/2 x 9/16" -- A-305
from IDEX Health & Science

Our Open End Wrench offers durability and convenience. We carry the most common size wrenches used in liquid chromatography labs. It is for use with 1/2 " and 9/16 " hardware. [See More]

  • Type: Single End
Interchangeable Open End Wrench Set -- 58-0143 [58-0143 from Moody Corp.]
from All-Spec Industries

"Moody's 58-0143 is a 9 piece, standard inch, miniature open end wrench set in a vinyl pouch. Each set comes with 8 hardened steel open end wrench blades and 1 knurled, plated steel handle with a solid locking, chuck type nose and a ball end." [See More]

  • Type: Single End
  • Wrench Length: 2.8 to 4
  • Drive Size: 0.0781 to 0.3125
  • Wrench Weight: 0.0700
Torque Wrenches -- 2498T1
from Maury Microwave Corporation

Maury's torque wrenches are recommended for tightening coaxial connectors in order to obtain optimum repeatability and prolong connector life. They employ a "break" design so it is impossible to over-torque a coupled junction, and torque can be applied in either direction. Each Maury torque wrench... [See More]

  • Type: Single End; Torque
  • Torque: 12
  • Drive Size: 1
4004 - Single-end spanners -- 40040240
from Stahlwille North America

DIN 894, Special Tool Steel, grey finish. [See More]

  • Type: Single End
9 Pieces – Service Wrench Set -- 745
from Wright Tool

Weight. 2.73. Sizes. Part No.Description. 14243/4". 142613/16". 14287/8". 143015/16". 14321". 14341-1/16". 14361-1/8". 14381-3/16". 14401-1/4". 745-RollDenim Tool Roll [See More]

  • Type: Single End
  • Drive Size: 0.7500 to 1.25
  • Drive Type: Angled/Offset