User Controls:None Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) Instruments Datasheets

sensION ORP Combination Electrode, Gel-filled, 5-pin, with Temperature
from Hach Company

A good performer in clean samples, this inexpensive disposable gel-filled electrode features a wick-type reference junction and built-in thermistor. Easy to use, needs no refilling, and requires little or no maintenance. With manual. [See More]

  • User Controls: None
  • Process Temp: 32 to 212
  • ORP Range: -1999 to 1999
  • Form Factor: Hand Held ; Modular; In-situ / Field
Barben pH/ORP Sensor to PLC Interface Module
from Century Control Systems, Inc.

Utilize a PLC as an ULTRA-FLEXIBLE pH/ORP Transmitter. [See More]

  • User Controls: None
  • pH range: 0.0 to 14
  • Measures pH: Yes
  • Form Factor: Modular
from Goyen/Tyco Environmental Systems

Measures pH, EC, DO, ORP, turbidity, NO3, PO4, NH3, NH4 [See More]

  • User Controls: Computer Interface; None
  • Accuracy: 50
  • ORP Range: -1000 to 1000
  • Features: ORP Reference Electrode Input
ORP Tester -- HI 98201
from Hanna Instruments, Inc.

Platinum electrode, quick/inexpensive tester [See More]

  • User Controls: None
  • Accuracy: 5
  • ORP Range: -999 to 999
  • Form Factor: Hand Held 
Basic Digital Transmitter - M200 easy Series
from Mettler-Toledo Process Analytics

One transmitter, four measurement parameters: the versatile M200 easy minimizes your costs of ownership. Thanks to pre-calibrated digital sensors, minimal transmitter configuration is needed. When expectations for a field device go beyond just good measurement, the M200 easy is convincing with its... [See More]

  • User Controls: None
  • Display Type: None
  • Measures pH: Yes
Orion5-Star -- 1119000
from Thermo Scientific - Water Analysis/Orion Products

This highly versatile, competitively-priced, multi-channel, multi-display meter is easy to set up and use while delivering exceptional, long-life performance for demanding R &D and QA/QC applications. The rugged meter offers a full complement of GLP-related features including 21 CFR Part 11... [See More]

  • User Controls: Manual Operation; Digital Front Panel; None
  • Features: ORP Reference Electrode Input
  • ORP Range: -2000 to 2000
  • Measures pH: Yes