Chassis Mount Single Phase Transformers Datasheets

Superior Electric POWERSTAT® Variable Transformers -- 10C Series
from Danaher Sensors & Controls - Specialty Products

10C Series are offered in single and three phase manually operated assemblies. The 10C Series units operate from 120V lines 10C Series units are rated at 2.25A for constant current loads. All types are open construction designed for back-of-panel mounting. The tapping arrangement permits an output... [See More]

  • Mounting: Chassis; Panel Mount
  • Winding Turns: Variable
  • Other Transformer Types / Applications: Autotransformer; Industrial Control Transformer; Variac
  • Output Type: AC
Industrial Single Phase Power Transformer -- 6B Series
from Abbott Technologies, Inc.

60 Hz Industrial Transformers. • High efficiency, excellent regulation and high isolation. • Widely used in custom power supplies and industrial power controls. • 10 VA to 1300 V A [See More]

  • Mounting: Chassis
  • Input Voltage: 115 to 230
  • Output Type: AC
  • Output Voltage: 5 to 120
50/60Hz Step/Control Transformer
from Datatronics™

Features. 120 to 575V. Any Secondary Voltage. Industrial Applications [See More]

  • Mounting: Chassis
  • Output Type: AC
  • Winding Turns: Step-Down Transformer
  • Input Voltage: 240 to 480
HPS Centurion® Harmonic Mitigating Transformer -- Single/Three Phase Series
from Hammond Power Solutions, Inc.

HPS Centurion ® Energy Efficient Harmonic Mitigating distribution tranformers are rated for 600 volts and below. Energy efficient harmonic mitigating transformers with zero sequence flux cancellation technology, is specifically designed to treat the harmonics generated by computer equipment and... [See More]

  • Mounting: Chassis
  • Winding Turns: Step-Up Transformer (optional feature); Step-Down Transformer (optional feature); One to One (optional feature)
  • Other Transformer Types / Applications: Distribution Transformer; Harmonic Mitigating Transformer
  • Core Type: Laminate

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