Plain End Hydraulic Fittings Datasheets

Shut-Off Male Pouch Fitment -- 4BXF1A-000
from KENT Systems, LLC

Collection 4 shut-off female pouch fitment [See More]

  • Connection Type: Plain End
  • Fitting Style: Adapter (optional feature); Coupling (optional feature)
  • Category: Hose Fitting; Tube Fitting
  • Design Units: English
Ferulok Flange Adapter -- 16 UVQ1-S
from Parker Hannifin / Tube Fittings Division

The four-bolt flange is a proven leak-free connection, especially suited for larger sizes. As a result, it has achieved worldwide acceptance. The connection's success is in its simplicity. It is a static face seal using a high durometer O-ring for the seal and clamps and bolts for the holding power. [See More]

  • Connection Type: Flange; Plain End
  • Fitting Style: Elbow45°
  • Category: Tube Fitting
  • Material: Steel
Braze Port to JIC Elbow 90° -- 500-04-04
from Tompkins Industries, Inc.

Steel 37 degree JIC adapters - 90 degree elbow [See More]

  • Connection Type: Plain End; Threaded - Male; Tapered Thread
  • Fitting Style: Adapter; Elbow90°
  • Category: Hose Fitting; Tube Fitting
  • Design Units: English