Push-to-Connect / Push-On Hydraulic Fittings Datasheets

Quick Disconnects -- Heavy Duty
from Carr Lane Roemheld Mfg. Co.

FEATURES: Quick Disconnects allow the fluid line to be uncoupled from a machining fixture, automatically sealing the fluid lines on both sides to prevent leakage. Easy one-hand operation without any wrenches or tools. The male Quick Disconnect is usually mounted on the fixture, with the female Quick... [See More]

  • Connection Type: Push-to-Connect
  • Fitting Style: Quick Coupler
  • Category: Hose Fitting
  • Maximum Pressure: 7500
Micro Coupler Plug -- MCPH4

Plug type micro coupler [See More]

  • Connection Type: Barbed or Ribbed End; Push-to-Connect
  • Fitting Style: Quick Coupler
  • Category: Hose Fitting
  • Design Units: English; Metric
CBI Quick Release Coupling -- CBI 03.1100/IA
from Stäubli Corporation

Non-spill flat-face pollution protection technology ensures permanancy of sealing. Spill-free to ensure operator safety. No discharge and no work place contamination. Protection for tools and production. Pollution-preventing flat face guarantee the integrity of fluids and gasses. no pollution enters... [See More]

  • Connection Type: Ball and Sleeve; FaceSeal; Push-to-Connect; Threaded - Female; Tube - Male English Straight Thread
  • Fitting Style: Coupling; Quick Coupler
  • Category: Hose Fitting
  • Description of Fitting Style: Quick-Release Coupling
Internal Thread Quick Connector -- TW19
from WEH Technologies Inc.

Connector for pressure and function tests on components with internal threads. The type TW19 quick connector is especially designed for sealing hydraulic components with female threads in high and low pressure applications. The lever actuated connector safely grips into the test piece, even in case... [See More]

  • Connection Type: Push-to-Connect; Threaded - Female; Tapered Thread
  • Fitting Style: Quick Coupler
  • Category: Hose Fitting
  • Design Units: English; Metric (optional feature)
Adapter Couplers -- Series FIRG/ISO A Adapter
from Stucchi Inc.

Advantages of Adapters: Provides compatibility between old and new equipment. Avoids changing mismatched couplers. Bi-directional flow [See More]

  • Connection Type: Push-to-Connect
  • Design Units: English
  • Fitting Style: Adapter; Coupling; Quick Coupler
  • English: 1/2"
Tube Bulkhead Union -- 1582-04-04
from Tompkins Industries, Inc.

Brass push-in d.o.t. fittings - union [See More]

  • Connection Type: Compression Fitting; Push-to-Connect
  • Fitting Style: Union
  • Category: Tube Fitting
  • Design Units: English