Solid Wire Grounding Straps Datasheets

Insulated Bonding/Grounding Wires -- DRM1235
from New Pig Corporation

Reduces static sparks generated by the movement and flow of flammable liquids. Helps you meet 29 CFR 1910.106 (e)(6)(ii) for grounding and bonding when transferring flammables [See More]

  • Strap Types: Solid Wire
  • Material: Copper
Adjustable Plastic Wrist Strap -- 4650 [4650 from 3M]
from All-Spec Industries

"Thermoplastic bands are lightweight, low profile, and safely makes comfortable contact with human skin. Made with an easy-on/easy-off adjustable ""zipper"" style latch mechanism effecting a ""one size fits all"". Includes a 5-foot coilcord." [See More]

  • Strap Types: Solid Wire; Adjustable Plastic Band
  • Material: Flexible Tinsel