Commercial / General Purpose Vulcanized Fibre and Fish Paper Datasheets

Franklin Fish Paper
from Franklin Fibre-Lamitex Corporation

Vulcanized FRANKLIN Fibre ™ is a very hard, dense homogeneous material up to .093" thick, possessing a wide range of favorable properties. In its initial stage, it is processed very much like a high-grade rag paper, but without the addition of sizing. It is then treated with zinc chloride which... [See More]

  • Grade / Type: Electrical Grade / Fishpaper; Commercial / General Purpose
  • Tensile: 10000 to 31000
  • Application: Abrasives; Dielectric / Electrical Insulation; Gaskets; Label / Tape; Luggage / Trunk & Case; Rotor Insulation (Motor / Generator); Transformers / Power Supplies; Washers / Spacers; Welding Masks / Personal Protection; Book Binders, Boot Trees, Waste Baskets
  • Tensile Modulus: 800 to 1200