Rectangular UV Filters Datasheets

Heat-Protection Filters -- CALFLEXTM 3000 SP
from Qioptiq

No absorption from dielectric coating. Broadband heat-protection for halogen lamps. UV-Light suppression. High transmission in the visible range. Heat-resistant up to 400 °C. Thickness: 1.1 mm. T > 80 % average for 425 - 680 nm. T < 3 % average for 800 - 1150 nm. T < 8 % average for... [See More]

  • Filter Shape: Circular; Square; Rectangular
  • Filter Diameter, Side Length, or Rectangular Length: 25 to 180
  • Filter Type: Heat-protection
  • Rectangular Width: 25 to 136
Linear Variable Filter
from Materion Corporation

Materion Barr Precision Optics & Thin Film Coatings designs and manufactures both edge-type and bandpass-type variable filters to customer specifications. The key feature of these devices is that spectral properties vary with position in a prescribed way along the lengthwise direction of the... [See More]

  • Filter Shape: Square; Rectangular
  • Filter Type: Bandpass / Interference Filters