Bench / Rack / Cabinet Tomography and Digital Imaging NDT Systems Datasheets

Carestream INDUSTREX Digital System -- HPX-1 Plus Digital System
from Carestream NDT

Built from the ground up to meet the varied and specific needs of rigorous non-destructive testing applications, only the HPX-1 has the capability to handle long plates, short plates, rigid cassettes and flexible plates —all in a single system. With industry leading image resolution: the HPX-1... [See More]

  • Form Factor: Bench / Rack / Cabinet; Portable / Handheld / Mobile
  • Instrument Type: Flaw Detectors; Corrosion Instruments; Radiography; Computed Radiography; Computed Radiography System
  • Instrument Technology: Radiographic / X-ray
  • Applications: Aircraft / Military Inspection; Debonding / Bone Integrity; Inclusions; Machining / Grinding Damage; Metal Detection / Rebar Absence; Tube / Pipeline Defects; General Corrosion Detection; Pressure Vessel Flaws / Cracks; Subsurface Crack Detection; Pore / Void; Welded / Joint Inspection
Sub-Micron Structured Light 3D Scanner -- MIKROCAD LITE
from LMI Technologies

MikroCAD delivers sub-micron accuracy and repeatability on a variety of challenging scan surfaces such as shiny, reflective and steep edges, in contrast to confocal solutions that are unable to handle steeply angled geometries. With MikroCAD 3D Surface Metrology you can: Measure roughness and... [See More]

  • Form Factor: Bench / Rack / Cabinet
  • Applications: Cutting Tool Inspection Systems; Process Control Lines To Monitor Key Material Properties As Well As Traditional Lab-based Instrumentation.; Machining / Grinding Damage
  • Instrument Technology: Blue LED
Microtomography Analysers
from Bruker Corporation

Have you ever seen images from a medical CT-scanner? Now, the same technique can be applied to your micro samples! SkyScan systems from Bruker microCT allow you to cut virtual sections or even fly through samples non-destructively. No preparation, coating or vacuum treatment is needed. Bruker... [See More]

  • Form Factor: Bench / Rack / Cabinet (optional feature)
from Sentinel

Check up to five results to perform an action. With the SENTINEL ™Vision HR Digital Radiography System you get state-of-the art imaging quality in a portable, durable and affordable package. Specifically designed for inspections both in the field and in the lab, SENTINEL ™Vision HR is a... [See More]

  • Form Factor: Bench / Rack / Cabinet; Portable / Handheld / Mobile
  • Instrument Type: Digital Scanner
  • Instrument Technology: Radiographic / X-ray