Electrical / Electronics Wipes and Wipers Datasheets

from RS Components, Ltd.

Lint free, quality single ply paper wipes. Suitable for use with foam cleaners on office equipment and computer equipment. Can be used for cleaning up spillages and general cleaning. Manufactured and packed in a clean environment to eliminate paper chaff and dust. Highly absorbent with good wet... [See More]

  • Industry Applications: Electronics; Multi-purpose Wipes
  • Length: 9.06
  • Views / General Types: Wipe or Swab
  • Width / OD: 9.06
Tech Spray Isopropyl Alcohol -- 1610-50PK [1610-50PK from Techspray, an ITW Company]
from All-Spec Industries

"The Techspray 1610-50PK are all-purpose cleaning wipes presaturated with 99.8+% pure, anhydrous isopropyl alcohol." [See More]

  • Industry Applications: Electronics; Degreasing; Semiconductors or Cleanroom
  • Features: Aqueous; Disinfectant
  • Views / General Types: Wipe or Swab; Pre-saturated with Solvent or Cleaner
Clean-Wipes™ -- Model 2060
from Control Company

New universal clean-up tool Premoistened Clean-Wipes ™ clean up even the dirtiest parts. Non-woven cloths are moistened with a blend of pure, reagent-grade 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% reagent-grade deionized water, or 100% pure reagent-grade deionized water. They are ideal for wiping optical... [See More]

  • Industry Applications: Electronics
  • Material: Cloth
  • Views / General Types: Wipe or Swab; Deionized Water; Pre-saturated with Solvent or Cleaner
  • Features: Aqueous
Panasonic Wiper Assembly for WV-7150D/7160D -- WV-Z50
from TelephoneStuff.com

Wiper assembly for WV-7150D/7160D. [See More]

  • Industry Applications: Electronics
  • Views / General Types: Wipe or Swab