Liquid / Solution Biocides Datasheets

from Celanese Corporation

Monomethylamine is a colorless gas with the strong, fishy, ammonia-like odor characteristic of amines. It is a raw material for N-methylpyrrolidone and also for carbamate insecticides and other carbamate-based products. Relatively smaller quantities are converted to alkylalkanolamines, surfactants... [See More]

  • Form & Features: Liquids
  • Function: Insecticide Pesticide
8999 AgION Antimicrobial Additive
from Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings

RECOMMENDED USAGE. Additive for the FasTop ™ systems [See More]

  • Form & Features: Liquids
  • Applications: Coatings or Paint
  • Function: Germicide Antimicrobial
Halt! Dog Repellent -- 882
from Aervoe Industries Incorporated

E.P.A. Registration 7754-37, medically safe method, up to 10 feet [See More]

  • Form & Features: Liquids
  • Applications: Agriculture; MRO / Construction; Prevents Dog Bites
  • Function: Insecticide Pesticide
Static Dissipative Hand Soap -- HC3716 [HC-3716 from Static Solutions, Inc.]
from All-Spec Industries

The Static Solutions HC-3716 is a static dissipative anti-bacterial soap with natural moisturizers formulated specifically for use in and around static sensitive areas. [See More]

  • Form & Features: Liquids
  • Applications: Semiconductors; Cosmetics / Personal Care
  • Function: Antibacterial / Bactericide
Biocide -- AWC D-545G
from American Water Chemicals, Inc.

Effective over a wide pH range of 6.0 - 9.5 against slime forming bacteria [See More]

  • Form & Features: Biodegradable; Liquids
  • Applications: Water Treatment
  • Function: Antibacterial / Bactericide; Algaecide / Antifouling Agent; Fungicide
from BASF USA Corporation

Ready-to-use, liquid admixture [See More]

  • Form & Features: Liquids
  • Applications: Cement / Concrete
2-Chlorobiphenyl Standard -- EPA Method 508A
from Chem Service, Inc.

Chem Service, Inc. produces high purity chemicals for use as reference materials and for other laboratory purposes. More than 95% of their Standards Grade materials have a certified purity of 98.0% or greater and do not require purity corrections when preparing solutions for use with EPA, ASTM, UST... [See More]

  • Form & Features: Liquids (optional feature); Organic / Polymer; Powders (optional feature); Reference / Chemical Standard; Solids or Solutions
  • Applications: Water Treatment; Drinking Water Analysis (EPA Methods)
  • Function: Insecticide Pesticide
from Halliburton

ALDACIDEĀ® G biocide is suitable for use in water based drilling fluids and packer fluids. ALDACIDE G biocide is effective against aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and is compatible with all brine types. [See More]

  • Form & Features: Liquids
  • Applications: Oils & Fuels
  • Function: Antibacterial / Bactericide
from VR Bags, Inc.

Overview. 12 Cans per Case20-oz. Aerosol CanMisty| Crawling Insect Killer. Description. Synergized dual active 0.10% pyrethrin/0.02% deltamethrin system provides rapid knockdown and flushing action. Kills cockroaches and a broad range of other crawling insects. Long -term residual formula stays... [See More]

  • Form & Features: Liquids
  • Function: Insecticide Pesticide