Kimax® Burettes Datasheets

Kimax Buret with Funnel Top and PTFE Stopcock -- hc-03-765
from Fisher Scientific

Class A. See details. Includes: Diagonal No. 2 PTFE stopcock. Capacity: 50mL; Subdivision: 0.1mL; Tolerance: ±0.05mL. Buret, Manual; Kimax; Class A; w/Funnel top and diagonal No. 2 PTFE stopcock; Precision bore tubing; White scale; Marked serial #; Capacity: 50mL; Subdivision: 0.1mL;... [See More]

  • Glass Material: Kimax
  • Plastic Material: Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE- Teflon®, etc.)