PTFE - Teflon® Burettes Datasheets

BURETS - 3-Way Stopcock, PTFE Plug, KIMAX® Brand, Class A, 100, 0.2 -- 1161247
from Wilkem Scientific

With durable white enamel scale. Burets comply with requirements for Type I, Class A apparatus of NNN-B-789, and meet or exceed requirements of ASTM E542 and E694. For all sizes, stopcock is Size 2. With dust cap. (Kimble 17052F). BURET,CLASSA,3WAY PTFE STPK,100ML. Specifications. Cap., mL. 100. [See More]

  • Plastic Material: Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE- Teflon®, etc.)