Special Digital (TTL) Vacuum Switches Datasheets

Sold State Vacuum Switch -- V-5500-10
from Air Logic

The V-5500 Series Solid State Vacuum Switches interface from vacuum to electrical control circuits. They are adjustable from 1 to 28" Hg with a maximum 29.9" Hg vacuum supply. The Solid State Switch combines precision mechanical switch operating convenience with solid state reliability. It uses the... [See More]

  • Signal Output: Other Digital
  • Vacuum Switch Setpoint: 709 to 506
  • Device Category: Sensor; Switch
  • Pressure Measurement: Gauge; Vacuum
Televac Miniature Bayard Alpert Ionization Active Vacuum Gauge -- MP3DR
from Fredericks Company - Televac

Miniature Bayard Alpert Ionization Active Vacuum Gauge. (1x10-2 to 2x10-10 Torr). Wide Range: Measures from 1x10-2 to 2x10-10 Torr. High Performance: Dual, coated and supported filaments for maximum life. Exceptionally low x-ray limit of < 1x10-10 Torr. One button electronic selection of... [See More]

  • Signal Output: RS232/485; Other Digital
  • Sensor Technology: Hot Cathode Ionization
  • Device Category: Switch; Gauge
  • Vacuum Range: 0.0100 to 2.00E-9
Economical Pressure and Vacuum Switch -- PSW-620 / PSW-630 Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

• External Pressure Scale and Pointer for Easy Setpoint Adjustment. • Silver Switch Contacts Rated for 5 Amps @ 250 Vac or 3 Amps @ 28 Vdc. • 1 Amp Gold-Plated Contacts for TTL or Dry Contacts [See More]

  • Signal Output: Other Digital
  • Pressure Measurement: Gauge; Vacuum
  • Device Category: Switch; Gauge
  • Maximum Current: 5
PDD - Digital Pressure Switch
from KOBOLD Instruments, Inc.

Product Features. Fully Programmable with Setpoint, Reset Point and Window Capability. Accuracy ±0.5% of Full Scale. Large, Easy to Read LED Display. Ceramic Pressure Sensing System for High Cycle Life. The PDD series digital pressure switch integrates the latest solid state sensing... [See More]

  • Signal Output: Other Digital
  • Sensor Technology: Semiconductor Piezoresistive
  • Device Category: Sensor; Switch
  • Vacuum Switch Setpoint: 760 to -2

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