Vacuum Desiccant Filled Desiccators Datasheets

DURAN® Desiccator
from SCHOTT North America, Inc. - Glass Tubing

with flat flange and knobbed lid, no connection. Made from DURAN ® borosilicate glass 3.3. Components are vacuum tight (DIN. 12491). Spare parts such as lids and bases can be interchanged (observe DN). Typical applications: Drying of moist products and storage of moisture-sensitive substances. [See More]

  • Desiccator Type: Vacuum Desiccant Filled
  • Number of Chambers: 1
  • Volume/Capacity: 7.00E-4 to 0.0185
  • Height: 7.36 to 17.05
Acrylic Vacuum Chambers
from Terra Universal, Inc.

Ideal for degassing small parts and mixed liquids, vacuum encapsulation, and general purpose vacuum experiments. Provide a safe, convenient way to transport moisture- and particle-sensitive materials. Clear acrylic construction provides full visibility of parts. Sturdy construction supports vacuum... [See More]

  • Desiccator Type: Vacuum Desiccant Filled
  • Length: 9 to 32
  • Number of Chambers: 1
  • Width: 9 to 32
Vacuum Desiccator -- 5530000
from Labconco Corporation

Vacuum Desiccator, provides a cubic foot of contamination- and corrosion-free space for cooling, drying and storage of moisture sensitive materials including thin layer chromatography plates, halide salt cells for IR spectrophotometers and chemical standards. Features: Epoxy-coated cold rolled steel... [See More]

  • Desiccator Type: Vacuum Desiccant Filled
  • Width: 17
  • Length: 13.5
  • Height: 15.38