115 / 120V 60 Hz Plasma Cutting Equipment Datasheets

Handheld Plasma Cutting Systems -- Powermax30 AIR
from Hypertherm, Inc.

The small size and light weight of the new Powermax30 ® AIR plasma cutting system with an internal compressor, make it a highly portable system enabling metal cutting just about anywhere there is single phase power. Simply plug it in, attach the work clamp and you are ready to cut. The internal... [See More]

  • AC Input Voltage: 115/120V_60Hz; 208-230/240V_60Hz
  • Input Current: 15 to 29
  • Equipment Type: Complete System
  • Input Phase: Single Phase Power
Mastergraph Fabrication Cutting Machine
from Advance Cutting Systems, Inc.

System Configuration. Effective Cutting Length: 168in. Extended in increments of 118in. Body Construction: Gantry Style. Drive Configuration: Rack & Pinion, with AC Digital servo amplifiers (no tuning required). Machine Speeds: Rapid Traverse 700 inches per minute, Contour speed 400 inches per... [See More]

  • AC Input Voltage: 115/120V_60Hz
  • Input Phase: Single Phase Power
  • Equipment Type: Complete System
Modular Drive Programmable Shape Machine -- MPD-1000
from BUG-O Systems, Inc.

The Modular Drive Programmable Shape Machine is an easy to use 2-axis machine which you can program to run any contour or pattern for both welding or cutting applications. A handheld terminal supplied with the machine is used to program the required shape and operation sequence. Other functions... [See More]

  • AC Input Voltage: 115/120V_60Hz; International Power or Voltages - 50 Hz
  • Features: Integral or optional automation unit such as a robot or CNC table; Settings recall or automation
  • Equipment Type: Complete System