FMC Conduit Fittings Datasheets

Brass Conduit Connectors for SILVYN® AS, AS-P, EDU-AS, FD-PU & FPS Conduit -- SILVYN® US/US-M
from Lapp Group

SILVYN ® US is a high-quality brass conduit connector designed to ensure a vibration- and tension-resistant connection for applications with high mechanical stress. The inner sealing is made of TPE to create a durable and high-temperature seal. The SILVYN ® US MS-DR brass sealing ring should... [See More]

  • Conduit Type: Flexible Metal Conduit (optional feature); PVC, Polyurethane, Steel Wire
  • Material: Brass, TPE, Plastic
  • Fitting Type: Coupling; Expansion Joint / Coupling; Liquid Tight Connector
Box Squeeze Connector -- 7481V
from Appleton Electric

bull; No locknut required. • Single-unit or duplex construction with captive clamp. • Connects various sizes of MC, AC and Flex RW cables with just four fittings. • Easy to install. Just tilt, insert and snap down. • Integral red plastic insulated throat bushing provides maximum... [See More]

  • Conduit Type: Flexible Metal Conduit
  • Size: 0.5000
  • Fitting Type: Coupling
from Calpipe Industries, Inc.

NEMA 4X suitable for damp locations, Type 304SS [See More]

  • Conduit Type: Flexible Metal Conduit
  • Size: 0.5000 to 1.5
  • Fitting Type: Coupling
  • Material: Stainless

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