Tropel® CylinderMaster® -- CylinderMaster® 25
from Corning Specialty Materials

First optical instrument to provide extensive quantification of o.d. & i.d. [See More]

  • Remote Interface: Computer Interface
  • Repeatability: Repeatability 20 Nanometers (1 Sigma)
  • Accuracy: 50 Nanometers
  • Number of Axes: Single
Miniature Double Plane Mirror Interferometer -- SP-D Series
from Piezosystem Jena, Inc.

Our Series SP-D double plane mirror interferometers are designed for incorporation into customer supplied systems, and are used for simultaneously making pairs of nanoprecision length measurements. The differences in these pairs of length measurements, and the separations between their two beams,... [See More]

  • Remote Interface: Computer Interface
  • Laser Type: HeNe
  • Resolution: 1.00
  • Laser Wavelength: 633
Phase Shift Interferometer -- Model S100
from Rolyn Optics Company

bull; 4-inch aperture Phase Fizeau Interferometer. • No additional Transmission flat required. • 1/20 wave fused silica collimator and reference flat. • Single-mode Diode Laser operating at 635 nm. • Dithered illumination for speckle-free interferograms. • DynaPhazeTM Phase... [See More]

  • Remote Interface: Computer Interface
  • Applications: Optical fabrication;wafer quality
  • Measurement Capability: Thickness
  • Laser Type: Diode Laser
from Zygo Corporation

Interferometer with 3D digital analysis: DVD development & manufacturing [See More]

  • Remote Interface: Computer Interface; Serial Interface; Application Software Included.
  • Zoom: 1 to 4
  • Resolution: 2.00
  • Aperture Size: 6 to 10