Tropel® CylinderMaster® -- CylinderMaster® 25
from Corning Specialty Materials

First optical instrument to provide extensive quantification of o.d. & i.d. [See More]

  • Orientation: Vertical
  • Repeatability: Repeatability 20 Nanometers (1 Sigma)
  • Accuracy: 50 Nanometers
  • Number of Axes: Single
Fiber Optic Interferometer -- OFV-551
from Polytec, Inc.

Polytec Laser Doppler Vibrometers are precision tools for non-contact vibration measurement. Designed to be quick, easy to operate and free from cross-talk or feedback problems, these instruments determine a structure's velocity and displacement from the Doppler shift of back-scattered laser light. [See More]

  • Orientation: Horizontal; Vertical
  • Measurement Capability: Displacement / Position
  • Aperture Size: 3.2 to 16
  • Applications: Measurement on Fine Bonding Wires
Phase Shift Interferometer -- Model S100
from Rolyn Optics Company

bull; 4-inch aperture Phase Fizeau Interferometer. • No additional Transmission flat required. • 1/20 wave fused silica collimator and reference flat. • Single-mode Diode Laser operating at 635 nm. • Dithered illumination for speckle-free interferograms. • DynaPhazeTM Phase... [See More]

  • Orientation: Vertical
  • Applications: Optical fabrication;wafer quality
  • Measurement Capability: Thickness
  • Laser Type: Diode Laser
from Zygo Corporation

Interferometer with 3D digital analysis: DVD development & manufacturing [See More]

  • Orientation: Horizontal (optional feature); Vertical (optional feature)
  • Zoom: 1 to 4
  • Resolution: 2.00
  • Aperture Size: 6 to 10