85° Threading Inserts Datasheets

Custom Inserts
from Knight Carbide

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  • Tip Angle: 35°; 50°; 55°; 60°; 75°; 80°; 90°; 85°; 108°; 120°; 135°
  • Material: Micrograin; Carbide; Cermet
  • Shape: Circular; Diamond; Triangle; Trigon; Square; Rectangular; Rhombic; Pentagon; Hex; Octagon; Ballnose; Radius; Chamfer; Dogbone; Unground; Indexable; Chipbreaker; Dished
  • Coating: None; Coated; Titanium Nitride; Titanium CarboNitride; Titanium Aluminum Nitride; Aluminum Titanium Nitride; Aluminum Oxide; Chromium Nitride; Zirconium Nitride; Diamond

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