Housing and Filter Assembly Water Filters Datasheets

Barb to Barb Standard In-line Filter -- AP19FV0012P1L
from Ark-Plas® Products, Inc.

In-Line Filters are designed for the removal of most visible particulate in aqueous solutions, and gas streams, by means of either a stainless steel filter, or a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) filter. In-Line Filter housings are manufactured in Nylon, Polypropylene, and Clear Polycarbonate... [See More]

  • Configuration: Housing Included
  • Port Description: 1/8"x1/8"
  • Filtration Grade: 45.00 to 90.00
  • Filter Medium Material: HDPE 4903
Line Filter -- 20LF
from BuTech

Filters. Butech offers two different styles of filters, the Line Filter and the Sintered Cup Filter. Standard materials of construction are a 316 stainless steel body with 300 series filter elements. The Line Filter is a 2-stage filter, the first to stop the larger particles and the second is... [See More]

  • Configuration: Element; Housing Included
  • Filtration Grade: 0.50 to 100.00
  • Maximum Pressure: 20000 to 200000
  • Port Description: 1/4",3/8", 9/16", 3/4", 1" M/P Tube
Lakos SandMaster Plus, Stainless Steel Sand Removal System
from Cannon Water Technology Inc.

When sand is a problem in your water system, consider the once-and-for-all solution that a LAKOS SandMaster PLUS Separator offers. Removes sand, silt & grit particles that settle in water within 3 minutes or less. Protects entire water systems from abrasive wear, clogging and premature... [See More]

  • Configuration: Housing Included; System
  • Flow Rate (Liquids): 5.0 to 70.0
DOW IntegraFlo™ Ultrafiltration Modules -- IW74-1100
from Dow Water & Process Solutions

Minimize your footprint even where height constraints exist. IntegraFlo IW74-1100 modules can be installed where taller modules can ’t, yet still offer a high membrane active area-making them a great choice for containerized projects. The IntegraFlo ultrafiltration family of modules, one of... [See More]

  • Configuration: Housing Included
  • Flow Rate (Liquids): 0.0 to 0.0
  • Maximum Pressure: 73
  • Filtration Grade: 300.00
DuraView Inlet Filter -- 100649
from General Pump

-Strongest see-through filter on the market. -Loadbearing brass spine. -Integrated garden hose connector. -Flow through design. -Clear Plastic Cover [See More]

  • Configuration: Housing Included
  • Flow Rate (Liquids): 8.0
  • Maximum Pressure: 150
  • Port Description: .5 NPT-M
Acid Neutralizer System,5 Max. GPM,1 In -- 3P990 [UN1001 from 3M Purification Inc.]
from Grainger Industrial Supply

Acid Neutralizer System,Neutralizes Highly Acidic Water Below 6.0 pH, Size 1 In, Special Blend Media, Height 52 In., Width 10 In., Depth 10 In, Dia 5 In, Continuous GPM 3, Pumping Rate Required GPM 5, Reduces Corrosion of Copper Pipes and Lead Solder Joints [See More]

  • Configuration: Housing Included; System
  • Filter Medium Material: Special Blend
  • Flow Rate (Liquids): 3.0
Bag Filters -- FLT Series
from Hayward Flow Control

FLT Series bag filter vessels are offered in PVC, Corzan CPVC, PP and PVDF with FPM seals only. End connections are 2 in. socket, threaded or flanged. Single length, 7 x 16 in. No. 1, and Double length, 7 x 32 in. No. 2 bags are available. Duplex and manifolded units are an option. Cartridge vessels... [See More]

  • Configuration: Element (optional feature); Housing Included
  • Flow Rate (Liquids): 50.0 to 100.0
  • Maximum Pressure: 150
  • Type: Bag
CL3 Series Reverse Osmosis System -- CL3-35
from Res-Kem LLC

ResKem ’s CL RO Series combines high quality design and construction with an integrated control package that delivers a true engineered system. The CL RO Series is designed for industrial applications requiring flow rates of 2.1-15.5 gallons per minute (GPM). The CL RO Series features the... [See More]

  • Configuration: Housing Included; System
  • Flow Rate (Liquids): 2.2
  • Maximum Pressure: 130
  • Maximum Temperature: 35
Jumbo Star Sartopure® GF Plus Cartridges -- 5554005JX
from Sartorius Group

Jumbo Star Sartopure GF Plus cartridges are optimised for the filtration of water and other beverages. Jumbo Star Sartoclean SC filter cartridges combine multiple layers of progressively finer glass fibre fleeces. Due to their high absorptive power by glass fibre fleeces, they are the ideal solution... [See More]

  • Configuration: Housing Included
  • Filtration Grade: 0.65
  • Maximum Pressure: 7 to 58
  • Filter Medium Material: Glass Fiber
Keller Permanent Washable Filter Element -- 23116
from U.S. Plastic Corporation

Clean even the dirtiest water supplies with all-plastic filter assemblies containing permanent, washable filter elements. No replacement filters are ever required! Select the filter assembly with the port size matching the size of the line on which it will be installed. 40 mesh - extremely heavy... [See More]

  • Configuration: Housing Included
  • Filtration Grade: 50.00 to 120.00
  • Maximum Pressure: 125
  • Port Description: 3/8" NPTF
Carbon Backwashing Filter -- N2050
from Watts

Complete backwashing activated carbon filter including Fleck ® 2510 time clock valve, mineral tank (9 in. x 48 in.), 3/4 in. by-pass, assembled unit. [See More]

  • Configuration: Housing Included
  • Additional Features: Integral Bypass
  • Filter Medium Material: Bonded Carbon
  • Application / Industry: Commercial & Residential Treatment
Campbell Sediment Filter -- 1 PS/PP Series
from Campbell - Subsidiary of Baker Manufacturing

Compression fittings with multiple sizes available. [See More]

  • Configuration: Housing Included
  • Flow Rate (Liquids): 6.0
  • Maximum Pressure: 125
  • Maximum Temperature: 100
Series 4,6,8 Liquid Bag Housing -- D1-011F*-B**
from Clark-Reliance Corporation (The)

HYCOA ’s Series 4 Liquid Bag Housing offers a quality vessel for lower flow applications. Quality design and construction assure protection for all down-stream equipment. 300 PSI @ 300o. F design as standard. Featuring rugged welded construction, these versatile vessels provide filtration... [See More]

  • Configuration: Housing Included
  • Port Description: 1" RF Flange
  • Maximum Pressure: 100
  • Type: Duplex; Bag
Ferrogard™ Magnetic Water Filter -- FG Series
from DME Company

Ferrogard ™ Filter removes contaminant. particles smaller than one micron from process. cooling fluids and hydraulic systems. This includes. the smallest and most abrasive particles that are. responsible for the destructive chain reaction of. wear. Injection molds often have small cooling... [See More]

  • Configuration: Housing Included
  • Maximum Temperature: 240
  • Maximum Pressure: 150
  • Port Description: 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2” NPT
Large Inline Filter -- 0073910-00-110
from Filtertek Inc.

NSF food safe material, housing design is resistant to alcohol and fuel [See More]

  • Configuration: Housing Included
  • Filtration Grade: 65.00
  • Maximum Pressure: 100
  • Port Description: 1/4" ID Hose/Tube, Barbed Inlet/Outlet
Water/Glycol Filtration -- BU-200 GA
from Filtroil, Inc.

Continuous oil recycling system, helps preserve & maintain the system [See More]

  • Configuration: Element; Housing Included
  • Flow Rate (Liquids): 0.6
  • Maximum Pressure: 5000
  • Port Description: 7/16"-20 Inlet, 9/16"-20 Outlet
180 Series Self-Cleaning Water Filters -- A2-180
from Forsta Filters Inc.

The 180 Series offers a unique configuration of automatic self-cleaning water filters.180 Series self cleaning water filters have a parallel flange configuration to accommodate simple installation. The 180 Series automatic water filter will integrate with any straight pipeline.180 Series industrial... [See More]

  • Configuration: Housing Included
  • Flow Rate (Liquids): 200.0
  • Maximum Pressure: 35 to 150
  • Filtration Grade: 5.00 to 4000.00
Pipeline Strainer 1100 Series
from H.O. Trerice Co.

Install upstream of regulators, valves or other similar equipment, Y-type [See More]

  • Configuration: Media; Housing Included
  • Filtration Grade: ? to 396.88
  • Maximum Pressure: 400
  • Maximum Temperature: 450
Nipple Filter
from Industrial Specialties Mfg., Inc.

Compact, lightweight, for air, oil, and water, 40 or 90 micron [See More]

  • Configuration: Housing Included
  • Port Description: 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2" Male NPT
  • Filtration Grade: 40.00 to 90.00
  • Housing Material: Bronze
Magnom Clear 20 Magnetic Water Filters -- W-MG-20-HT
from Invotec Solutions Ltd.

The Clear 20 is a large 22 core Magnom unit and has a very high holding capacity making it the ideal choice for high contaminant environments and applications where rough service design is not essential. Magnom Clear 20. The unit has proved highly successful in metalworking environments for coolant... [See More]

  • Configuration: Housing Included
  • Port Description: 1" BSPP / 1" NPT Female
  • Maximum Pressure: 174
  • Type: Magnetic
from LDI Industries, Inc.

Top mounting, without guard, 30 mesh 3"L stainless steel strainer [See More]

  • Configuration: Housing Included
  • Filtration Grade: 40.00
  • Maximum Pressure: 0
  • Type: WireMesh
6220 Series Filter Assembly -- H*6220A16KN*
from Pall Corporation

4 or 8" long, seal material options [See More]

  • Configuration: Housing Included
  • Flow Rate (Liquids): 40.0
  • Maximum Pressure: 150
  • Filtration Grade: 6.00 to 7.00
23R Steam Filter -- 23/75R
from Parker Hannifin Filtration and Separation Div. / Balston Products

The 23R Steam Filter contains a patented Microfibre ® Filter Cartridge in a rugged stainless steel housing designed especially for steam service. Included as standard items with the 23R Steam Filter are a stainless steel condensate drain and a high quality bleeder valve. The unit, as received,... [See More]

  • Configuration: Housing Included
  • Filtration Grade: 0.01
  • Maximum Pressure: 80
  • Port Description: 1" NPT
Portable Coolant Filter Cart
from Rosedale Products, Inc.

Rugged and versatile, two wheel hand truck system [See More]

  • Configuration: Housing Included
  • Flow Rate (Liquids): 38.0
  • Maximum Pressure: 125
  • Port Description: 1 " FNPT
40 Series
from Siemens Water Technologies

40 Series reverse osmosis (RO) systems produce from 1.8 to 32.0 gpm of high-purity water. Features and Benefits. Some of the features and benefits of the 40 Series reverse ssmosis systems include: Side-port membrane housing reduces maintenance costs. 5-micron filtration protects membranes. 304L... [See More]

  • Configuration: Media; Housing Included; System
  • Flow Rate (Liquids): 32.0
  • Maximum Pressure: 300
  • Filtration Grade: 0.05
1 GPM Aquapurion DI-220-EC With Dual 2.5" x 20" DI Filters -- 320-DI220-EC
from US Water Systems, Inc.

US WATER Aquapurion DI-220-EC Dual 2.5" x 20" Filtration System for Deionized (DI) Water Applications such as Reefkeeping, Steamers and other Applications where high-purity water is needed. Having two DI Cartridges gives you twice the interval between filter changes, and unlike most other models. It... [See More]

  • Configuration: Housing Included
  • Port Description: 3/4" NPT
  • Flow Rate (Liquids): 1.0
  • Filter Medium Material: Ion Exchange; Mixed Resin