Mixed Resin Water Filters Datasheets

AMBERJET™ Ion Exchange Resins -- UP6040
from Dow Water & Process Solutions

AMBERJET ™ UP6040 is a semi-conductor grade ion exchange resin mixed bed specifically designed for use in non regenerable final polishing units in the highest purity water treatment applications. [See More]

  • Filter Medium Material: Ion Exchange; Anion Exchange Resin; Cation Exchange Resin; Mixed Resin
  • Filtration Grade: 580.00 to 700.00
  • Configuration: Media
  • Maximum Temperature: 140
1 GPM Aquapurion DI-220-EC With Dual 2.5" x 20" DI Filters -- 320-DI220-EC
from US Water Systems, Inc.

US WATER Aquapurion DI-220-EC Dual 2.5" x 20" Filtration System for Deionized (DI) Water Applications such as Reefkeeping, Steamers and other Applications where high-purity water is needed. Having two DI Cartridges gives you twice the interval between filter changes, and unlike most other models. It... [See More]

  • Filter Medium Material: Ion Exchange; Mixed Resin
  • Flow Rate (Liquids): 1.0
  • Configuration: Housing Included
  • Port Description: 3/4" NPT