3VDC Rotary Solenoids Datasheets

Bistable Rotary Solenoid -- Model BRS3831-10
from GEEPLUS Inc.

Bistable Rotary Solenoids have been developed especially for paper transportation and sorting systems like e.g. banknote sorting mechanisms. They can be driven in either direction and hold in either endposition with no power applied. For the movement they just need a short power pulse. The most... [See More]

  • DC: Rated for DC Operation; 3VDC; 6VDC; 12VDC; 24VDC
  • Direction: Clockwise; Counterclockwise
  • Rotary Stroke: 15 to 30
  • Length: 31
from Ledex & Dormeyer Products

Quiet, shock-free operation; true rotary motions with no axial displacement [See More]

  • DC: Rated for DC Operation; 3VDC; 6VDC
  • Axial Stroke: 0.0
  • Rotary Stroke: 45
  • Response Time: 27.0
C Frame Solenoid -- GC0416
from Penny + Giles

Model GC0416 C-Frame solenoid utilizes a C shaped steel frame 16mm x 8mm x 12mm and Ø4mm plunger. The Penny + Giles C Frame solenoids are high quality, with a good performance - but are not as magnetically efficient as equivalent sized D Frame solenoids. However, the lower cost makes them an... [See More]

  • DC: Rated for DC Operation; 3VDC (optional feature); 6VDC (optional feature); 12VDC (optional feature)
  • Continuous Duty: Rated for Continuous Duty
  • Axial Stroke: 1.0
  • Length: 12