Solder Tabs Strain Gauges Datasheets

Backed Bar Semiconductor Strain Gauge -- SS-060-033-1000PB
from Micron Instruments

Mounted on a flexible insulated circuit with versatile solder pads makes them easy to install. They can be bent without hurting the gage and will perform like a foil gage except that the sensitivity change is 50 to 75 times greater. On load cells and foil bridges, when it is used as a linearity... [See More]

  • Termination Options: Bondable Terminals; Solder
  • Arrangement: Uniaxial
  • Construction: Electrical Resistance; Semiconductor
  • Specialty Application: Temperature
1-Axis General Purpose Strain Gage -- SGD-1.5/120-LY41
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

OMEGA ® strain gages are available in a variety of models to cover most strain measurement applications. Their rugged construction and flexibility make them suitable for highly accurate static and dynamic measurement. The measuring grid is formed by etching constantan foil, which is then... [See More]

  • Termination Options: Solder
  • Arrangement: Uniaxial
  • Construction: Electrical Resistance
  • Integral Bridge Circuitry: None
C Series
from HBM

Flexible, therefore easy to handle [See More]

  • Termination Options: Leads; Solder
  • Integral Bridge Circuitry: None
  • Construction: Electrical Resistance
  • Operating Temperature: -328 to 392