Voltage Battery Monitors and Testers Datasheets

Battery Capacity Test System -- BCT-2000
from Albér

The BCT-2000 tests any size string up to 256 cells, performs constant current capacity and power capacity tests, supports UPS testing using AC load banks, and supports run-down testing using system load. The best proven method for determining whether a battery will perform is to test it under load... [See More]

  • Test Capability: Voltage; Current; Load Test
  • Current: 0.0 to 4000
  • Form Factor: Handheld or Portable Tester
  • Voltage: 0.0 to 600
Celltron Advanced
from Alpha Technologies Ltd.

A fast, reliable and affordable testing process is now available with the development of conductance based battery measurement technology. By coupling conductance testing with a simple system load or voltage test, the system operator is armed with the quality of data necessary to know the status of... [See More]

  • Test Capability: Charge or Condition; Voltage; Conductance
  • Input Voltage: 1 to 15
  • Form Factor: Handheld or Portable Tester
  • Operating Temperature: 0.0 to 40
CellQ 1 Battery System
from BTECH, Inc.

The CellQ 1 is designed for use on Gensets, Spare Batteries and small DC plants with less than 16 units. The CellQ 1 is also designed for both vented lead acid and valve regulated battery types of any configuration and arrangement. The CellQ 1 is ideally suited for applications that support Remote... [See More]

  • Test Capability: Voltage
  • Input Voltage: 24 to 240
  • Form Factor: Module
  • Operating Temperature: -5 to 75
Car and Traction Battery Tester -- Infratek DC24
from Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd.

The fully automatic DC24 performs two tests to give you complete information on the state of a battery. In a first test it measures six battery parameters (battery voltage, percentage of charge content, cold cranking currents, DIN, EN, IEC, SAE) and in a second test it displays lowest battery... [See More]

  • Test Capability: Charge or Condition; Voltage; Current
  • Input Voltage: 7 to 60
  • Form Factor: CabinetRack
  • Voltage: 6 to 60
BQMS Battery Monitoring System -- BQMS
from Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC

The BQMS Battery Monitoring System is a modular system that allows for complete monitoring of a single or multiple battery systems. Parameters monitored include string voltage, DC current, cell voltage, cell / connection resistance, cell temperature, & ambient temperature. The BQMS is designed for... [See More]

  • Test Capability: Charge or Condition; Voltage; Current; Resistance; Terminal Temperature
  • Operating Temperature: 0.0 to 65
  • Form Factor: CabinetRack
  • Current: 0.0 to 1000
Continuity Tester -- 1EKN7 [1EKN7 from Global Sources c/o Media Data Systems Pte. Ltd.]
from Grainger Industrial Supply

Continuity Tester, Battery Powered, Works With 6 and 12 V Automotive Systems, Bulb Display, Construction Plastic and Steel, Height 7 In, Width 1 1/4 In, Includes Alligator Clip. Order 1G824 for Replacement Bulb [See More]

  • Test Capability: Voltage; Current
Battery Ground Fault Tracer -- 246100B
from Megger

The Battery Ground-Fault Tracer is an economical, manually-balanced instrument that identifies, tracks and locates ground faults in ungrounded dc battery systems - on-line. It is particularly effective in a high electrical noise environments, as the strength of the test current can be adjusted. [See More]

  • Test Capability: Voltage; Current; Resistance; Ground Fault Tracer
  • Operating Temperature: 0.0 to 40
  • Form Factor: Handheld or Portable Tester
  • Current: 0.0 to 1.7
BK Precision 600
from ValueTronics International, Inc.

The BK Precision 600 is one of our Factory New 12V SLA Battery Capacity Analyzers. [See More]

  • Test Capability: Charge or Condition; Voltage
  • Voltage: 12
  • Form Factor: Handheld or Portable Tester
BatteryTest MCBA Battery Analyzer
from Battery Test Equipment Co.

The most advanced motive battery test system in the world!. MCBA Battery Analyzers provide simple, accurate capacity-testing and tracking for motive battery performance and efficiency. Know the real capacity of industrial motive power batteries (flooded, maintenance-free and quick charge). Test 1,... [See More]

  • Test Capability: Voltage; Current; Battery Capacity, Cell Temperature
  • Current: 0.0 to 350
  • Form Factor: Test Station or System
  • Voltage: 0.0 to 120
High Voltage Battery Data Acquisition Module -- TM-40HV
from BatteryDAQ

Arshanold modules have been widely utilized for battery load test and electric vehicle road test. High common voltage -- +/-20V range to each channel with total 600V string voltage. Compact design -- Due to the technological advancements of our electronics suppliers, the housing of the module has... [See More]

  • Test Capability: Charge or Condition; Voltage; Current; Resistance
  • Input Voltage: 12
  • Form Factor: Module; Handheld or Portable Tester
  • Voltage: 1 to 600
Fisherbrand Traceable Battery Tester -- hc-14-648-16
from Fisher Scientific

Checks voltages from 1.35 to 12V on 13 ranges for alkaline, carbon, silver-oxide, mercury, lithium, nickel-cadmium, and other types of batteries. See details. Includes: Test lead and instructions. 3.5 L x 2.5 W x 1 in. H. Tester, Battery; Fisherbrand; Traceable; Checks voltage 1.35 to 12V; Tests in... [See More]

  • Test Capability: Voltage
  • Voltage: 1.35 to 12
1,000 Watt Battery Capacity Tester for Single Cell or Lower Ah Battery Systems -- SBS GL-1000 [SBS GL-1000 from Storage Battery Systems, LLC.]
from Fotronic Corporation / Test Equipment Depot

The SBS RBL Series Load Tester is used to test batteries by analyzing life cycle and establishing the V/I characteristics. The load is operated in the constant current mode, which freezes one of the variables when calculating the battery ’s power level. Some batteries require exotic waveform... [See More]

  • Test Capability: Voltage; Current; Resistance
  • Input Voltage: 120
  • Form Factor: CabinetRack
  • Power: 1000 to 1.00E6