Test Capability:Other Battery Monitors and Testers Datasheets

Battery Capacity Test System -- BCT-2000
from Albér

The BCT-2000 tests any size string up to 256 cells, performs constant current capacity and power capacity tests, supports UPS testing using AC load banks, and supports run-down testing using system load. The best proven method for determining whether a battery will perform is to test it under load... [See More]

  • Test Capability: Voltage; Current; Load Test
  • Current: 0.0 to 4000
  • Form Factor: Handheld or Portable Tester
  • Voltage: 0.0 to 600
Celltron Advanced
from Alpha Technologies Ltd.

A fast, reliable and affordable testing process is now available with the development of conductance based battery measurement technology. By coupling conductance testing with a simple system load or voltage test, the system operator is armed with the quality of data necessary to know the status of... [See More]

  • Test Capability: Charge or Condition; Voltage; Conductance
  • Input Voltage: 1 to 15
  • Form Factor: Handheld or Portable Tester
  • Operating Temperature: 0.0 to 40
Portable Impedance Tester -- S5 Pit
from BTECH, Inc.

The S5 Pit Portable Impedance Tester uses BTECH ’s patented impedance measuring technology, the reference test method proven in over 3000 battery monitoring systems. Using the same software package and database as the S5 monitoring system, BTECH delivers a simple to operate, integrated tool... [See More]

  • Test Capability: Voltage; Impedance
  • Input Voltage: 85 to 265
  • Form Factor: Handheld or Portable Tester
  • Operating Temperature: 0.0 to 40
BQMS Battery Monitoring System -- BQMS
from Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC

The BQMS Battery Monitoring System is a modular system that allows for complete monitoring of a single or multiple battery systems. Parameters monitored include string voltage, DC current, cell voltage, cell / connection resistance, cell temperature, & ambient temperature. The BQMS is designed for... [See More]

  • Test Capability: Charge or Condition; Voltage; Current; Resistance; Terminal Temperature
  • Operating Temperature: 0.0 to 65
  • Form Factor: CabinetRack
  • Current: 0.0 to 1000
BatteryTest MCBA Battery Analyzer
from Battery Test Equipment Co.

The most advanced motive battery test system in the world!. MCBA Battery Analyzers provide simple, accurate capacity-testing and tracking for motive battery performance and efficiency. Know the real capacity of industrial motive power batteries (flooded, maintenance-free and quick charge). Test 1,... [See More]

  • Test Capability: Voltage; Current; Battery Capacity, Cell Temperature
  • Current: 0.0 to 350
  • Form Factor: Test Station or System
  • Voltage: 0.0 to 120
Digital Specific Gravity Tester with Downloading Capabilities Digital Hydrometer / Density Meter -- SBS-2500 [SBS-2500 from Storage Battery Systems, LLC.]
from Fotronic Corporation / Test Equipment Depot

Battery testing has never been this easy. Simply insert the nozzle of the digital hydrometer into the battery, depress the finder pump, and extract a few drops of electrolyte. Touch one button and the processor does the rest. Within seconds you have an accurate reading of temperature compensated... [See More]

  • Test Capability: Specific Gravity Tester
  • Features: Test Software or Test Program Generator; Power Management; Self-calibration or Test Verification
  • Form Factor: Test Station or System; Module; Handheld or Portable Tester
Zlvan Battery Discharger -- FSIA11
from ZAPI, Inc.

The ZIvan Battery Discharger is a portable device that can determine the efficiency of a battery, new or used. It can measure the Ah supplied by the battery before reaching the level at which it is considered fully discharged (typically 1.7 V per cell). This discharge is performed at a constant rate... [See More]

  • Test Capability: Ampere-Hour (Ah)/Efficiency of a Battery
  • Power: 150
  • Form Factor: Module
  • Current: 150