Through Hole Technology (THT) Board Mount RF Filters Datasheets

RF Filter -- HDBF16019A61 [HDBF16019A61 from Shoulder Electronics Ltd.]
from RFMW Ltd.

Filter, SAW, 160 MHz, 19.55 MHz BW [See More]

  • Filter Design: Saw Filter
  • Bandwidth: 19550
  • Fc: 160
  • Insertion Loss: 24.5
Crystal Bandpass Filter -- AM121.5CR164
from Anatech Microwave Company

Crystal Bandpass filter at 121.5 MHz with 3dBc Bandwidth of 100 KHz min, Insertion loss of 6.0dB max and 30dBc Bandwidth of 200 KHz max, built in a package size of 1.1 x 0.6 x 0.5 in. [See More]

  • Filter Technology: Passive Filter
  • Filter Design: Crystal Filter
  • Filter Type: Bandpass
  • Fc: 121500
MSF Series -- MSF 139
from MMD Components / Monitor Quartztek

Wide band saw filter for pagers [See More]

  • Filter Type: Bandpass
  • Fc: 139
  • Filter Design: SAW Filter
  • Insertion Loss: 6.5

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