Has Datalogger or Data Collection Capability? Infrared Thermometers Datasheets

High Range Infrared Thermometer -- IRT500
from Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd.

Features: High temperature range. Wide 50:1 Distance to spot ratio. Ergonomic hand grips. 4 digit backlit dual display. °C or °F selectable. Electronic trigger lock. Adjustable emissivity. Laser sight switchable. Min/Max./Avg and Differential temperature modes. Data hold for continuous... [See More]

  • Configuration/ Features: Battery Powered; Has Datalogger or Data Collection Capability; Records Min/Max Values
  • Range: -58 to 1832
  • Display / Scale Characteristics: Fahrenheit; Celsius/Centigrade
  • Divisions: 0.1000
Dual Laser IP54 IR Thermometer -- 16X950 [FLUKE-62 MAX +/WWG from Fluke]
from Grainger Industrial Supply

Infrared Thermometer, Temp. Range -30 to 500 Degrees C, Focus Spot Size and Distance 12:1, Accuracy 1.0C, Resolution 0.1C, Spectral Response 8 - 14 uM, Laser Sighting 2, Response Time Less than 300ms, Emissivity 0.10 - 1.00, Repeatability 0.5C, Display Digital, Alarm Yes, Data Logging No, Data Hold... [See More]

  • Configuration/ Features: Battery Powered; Has Datalogger or Data Collection Capability
  • Range: -30 to 932
  • Display / Scale Characteristics: Celsius/Centigrade
  • Range: -30 to ?
Eurotron IRtec Rayomatic 14
from Century Control Systems, Inc.

As the IRtec Rayomatic 14 consists of two pieces (miniature sensing head with separate electronics) it can be easily installed in a variety of applications, especially if industrial environment requires space-saving installation. The stainless steel sensing head as well as the teflon-coated cable... [See More]

  • Configuration/ Features: Has Datalogger or Data Collection Capability; Has Internal Timers or Counters
  • Range: -40 to 1000
  • Display / Scale Characteristics: Celsius/Centigrade
  • Application Type: Industrial