Non-Inductive Wirewound Resistors Datasheets

Chassis Mount Resistors -- 1135-1232-MIL [RER40F1R00RC02 from Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.]
from Digi-Key Electronics

RES CHAS MNT 1 OHM 1% 5W [See More]

  • Features: Non-Inductive; Military
  • Mounting / Packaging: Axial, Box
  • Category / Application: General Use
  • Resistance Range: 1
Aluminum Housed Axial Terminal Resistor -- HS/HSN Series
from Ohmite Manufacturing Co.

Aluminum Housed Axial Wirewound Heat Sinkable. Power rating 100 and 250 watts with proper heatsink. Resistance range 0.05-35.7K ohms. Tolerance of 1% and 5% standard. TCR as low as 30ppm. Aluminum housing provides heatsink capabilities [See More]

  • Features: Non-Inductive
  • Mounting / Packaging: Axial Leads
  • Category / Application: Industrial
  • Resistance Range: 0.0500 to 35700
Fusible Wirewound Resistor -- LF2 Series
from RCD Components, Inc.

LINE FEED FUSIBLR WIREWOUND RESISTOR. RCD type LF2 is designed to provide circuit protection for telecom applications, such as line feed, ADSL, HDSL, and switching networks, as well as snubber circuits, switching regulators, power faults, etc. The LF2 is a combination power resistor and isolated... [See More]

  • Features: Non-Inductive (optional feature); Non-Flame Coating
  • Mounting / Packaging: ThroughHole
  • Category / Application: Fusible Resistor
  • Standards and Certifications: RoHS
Concentric Shaft -- Series 2020
from Betatronix LLC

Resistance Range: 0.20% to 1.0%. System designers' desire for weight and volume savings has created increased demand for potentiometers that perform multiple functions. The concentric shaft unit - having two independent shafts that each control different sections of the potentiometer - is an ideal... [See More]

  • Features: Heat Sink (optional feature); Non-Inductive (optional feature); Fan Cooled; Water Cooled (optional feature); Non-Flame Coating (optional feature); Fireproof Case (optional feature); Electrically isolated. (optional feature); ESD Protection. (optional feature); NEMA Enclosure (optional feature); Military (optional feature)
  • Mounting / Packaging: Surface Mount Technology (SMT / SMD) (optional feature); Bolt-on Chassis (optional feature); Axial Leads (optional feature); Gull Wing Leads (optional feature); J-leads (optional feature); Radial Leads (optional feature); Screw Terminals (optional feature); Tab Terminals; 01005 (optional feature); 0201 (optional feature); 0402 (optional feature); 0603 (optional feature); 0805 (optional feature); 1206 (optional feature); 1625 (optional feature); 1812 (optional feature); 2010 (optional feature); 2512 (optional feature); 2525 (optional feature); 3725 (optional feature); SOIC (optional feature); SSOP (optional feature); SC-70 (optional feature); SOT23 (optional feature)
  • Category / Application: Automotive; Aerospace; Audio / Video; Current Sensing; Braking  Resistor; Fusible Resistor; General Use; Harmonic Filters; High Current Resistor (optional feature); High Frequency; High Voltage Resistor (optional feature); Industrial; Medical; Precision Resistor; Power Applications (optional feature); Railways Resistor (optional feature); Telecom (optional feature); Surge Resistor (optional feature)
  • Standards and Certifications: RoHS (optional feature); ELV Directive (optional feature); UL; CSA (optional feature); IEC (optional feature); WEEE Compliant (optional feature)
Leaded Resistor -- UB-1
from Riedon, Inc.

bull; High Power Rating in a Small Package. • Resistances from 0.005 to 260kOhms. • Power Rating 1 to 15Watts. • Resistance Tolerances to ± 0.01%. • Low TCR: ± 20ppm/K Standard. • MIL-R-26 / MIL-R-39007 Power Ratings. • Temperature Range: -55 °C to... [See More]

  • Features: Non-Inductive (optional feature); Military
  • Mounting / Packaging: Axial Leads
  • Category / Application: Power Applications
  • Standards and Certifications: RoHS
RWN Series
from Trigon Components, Inc.

SERIES. RWN. DESCRIPTION. Wirewound, Flame Proof. RESISTANCE RANGE. 0.1 ohm to 1 Kohm. POWER RATING. 1/2W to 5W. OPERATING TEMPERATURE. -55 to +155 Deg C. PACKAGE. Axial. Feature. •Industry ’s Lowest Cost. •Delivery from stock in Bulk Taped, and Strip Pack. •Exceptional... [See More]

  • Features: Non-Inductive; Fireproof Case; Military
  • Mounting / Packaging: Axial Leads
  • Category / Application: General Use
  • Standards and Certifications: JIS