PC 3D Scanners Datasheets

Bridge-type CMM - Compact Class -- CONTURA
from Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology, LLC

The Reference Machine in the Compact Class. CONTURA – the broad platform from ZEISS for flexible, reliable and uncompromising quality assurance. The latest generation is even more precise and offers a large package of optical sensors on top of a larger measuring range. Outstanding scanning... [See More]

  • Control: Manual; CNC; PC; Joystick Controller
  • x-axis: 39
  • Mounting Options: Free Standing
  • y-axis: 83
3D Displacement Sensor -- DS1000 Series
from Cognex Corp.

The DS1000 3D sensor optimizes product quality by providing three-dimensional inspection of your products. Compact and industrially designed for even the harshest factory environment, this displacement sensor also includes industry-leading Cognex machine vision software with powerful 2D and 3D... [See More]

  • Control: PC
gapCONTROL Laser Scanner -- 2611-100
from Micro-Epsilon Group

Laser scanners of the gapCONTROL series record, measure and evaluate gaps on very different target surfaces. With gapCONTROL, Micro-Epsilon offers a measurement system specially matched to the demands of gap measurement. The gapCONTROL Setup Software makes configuration of gapCONTROL sensors fast... [See More]

  • Control: PC; Integrated Controller
  • x-axis: 3 to 6
  • Mounting Options: Benchtop; Overhead Scanning
  • z-axis: 7 to 15
CNC Video Measuring Systems -- NEXIV Foup
from Nikon Metrology

The NEXIV VMR-C4540 - designed for use with 300mm Front Opening Unified Pod (FOUP) & Front Opening Shipping Box (FOSB) wafer carriers - detects hard to see edges using a variety of illumination features as well as Nikon's unique image processing technologies. By incorporating laser AF that... [See More]

  • Control: PC
  • Mounting Options: Benchtop
from Accu-Sort Systems, Inc.

Triangulated CCD camera/laser diode combination, dimensioning system [See More]

  • Control: PC
  • x-axis: 36
  • Mounting Options: Benchtop
  • y-axis: 72
Desktop 3D Scanner
from NextEngine, Inc.

A compact 3D capture system with multi laser precision for modeling objects [See More]

  • Control: PC
  • Volumetric: 0.0050
  • Mounting Options: Benchtop
  • Resolution: 0.00500