Steel Safety Storage Cabinets Datasheets

Lead Furniture / Cabinets
from Mars Metal Company

MarShield manufactures a wide range of Standard or Custom Designed Lead Lined Laboratory Furniture suitable for Nuclear Medicine or Radiochemistry laboratories. MarShield has worked extensively with architects, engineers, contractors and end-users like doctors, hospitals, laboratories, and medical... [See More]

  • Material: Steel
  • Features: Heavy Duty
Caged Containment Shelving -- PAK165
from New Pig Corporation

Top-quality, all-steel construction with hard-shell finish features fully welded seams for durability. Each shelf has a sump to contain leaks and spills and protect inventory below; allows vertical segregation of incompatible materials to save floor space. Sump perimeter also serves as a barrier to... [See More]

  • Material: Steel
  • Width: 24.00
  • Height: 87.00
  • Depth: 38.00
Corrosive Storage -- 2820-09A
from Terra Universal, Inc.

These four models of cabinet feature steel with a two-part enamel coating which has been tested successfully with widely used acids, caustics, and alkalines, such as hydrochloric acid 37%, sulfuric acid 33%, and sodium hydroxide. This surface will not allow absorption that could cause subsequent... [See More]

  • Material: Steel; Enamel coating
  • Width: 43.00
  • Height: 44.00
  • Depth: 18.00
Captair® Filtering Shelf 812 A
from Erlab Inc.

Filtering Shelf 812. For storing compatible chemicals on the work surface. The Captair ® shelf 812 offers the ultimate solution for all laboratories where flasks and bottles can be found in large numbers on work surface, polluting the laboratory air and taking valuable handling space. [See More]

  • Material: Steel
  • Width: 32.25
  • Height: 28.25
  • Depth: 11.25
LITTLE GIANT Gas Cylinder Cages -- 1238900
from Hassel Material Handling Co.

Unique LITTLE GIANT Gas Cylinder Cage is designed specifically to store industrial lift-truck propane tanks. Steel cage has solid 12-gauge sloped top and lockable door (lock not included). Tanks cannot be removed when door is closed. Holds 20-, 33- and 44-lb. propane tanks horizontally. Includes... [See More]

  • Material: Steel
  • Width: 36.00
  • Height: 70.00
  • Depth: 36.00
Acid/Corrosive Cabinet Model -- CAC30M
from Stanley Vidmar

Stanley Vidmar acid/corrosive safety storage cabinets are designed for the storage of up to 5 gallon containers of flammable and nonflammable acids and corrosive liquids. All acid/corrosive safety cabinet surfaces are coated with a blue epoxy power coating for superior protection against spills and... [See More]

  • Material: Steel
  • Width: 43.00
  • Height: 44.00
  • Depth: 18.00
Drum Storage Cabinet -- 110.5DSC
from Strong Hold Products

These cabinets store 55-gallon drums vertically. This all-welded double wall cabinet features 12-gauge exterior walls and 16-gauge interior walls spaced 1 1/2" apart. Air vents on each side of the cabinet allow ventilation. The manual closing double doors include the 3-point locking system. The 9"... [See More]

  • Material: Steel
  • Width: 58.00
  • Height: 72.00
  • Depth: 30.00
2 Door Manual Close Cabinet, -- 4622
from U.S. Plastic Corporation

2 Manual doors. 1-Shelf. 44" H x 43" W x 18" D. Yellow in color. [See More]

  • Material: Steel
  • Width: 43.00
  • Height: 44.00
  • Depth: 18.00