Steel Filter Housings Datasheets

DUOLINE™ Filter Vessel -- FLOWLINE
from Eaton Filtration

DUOLINE filter housings are for applications where the system flow cannot be shut down for filter bag change out. Either a butterfly or ball valve assembly is used to divert the flow between the two housings so that the isolated, out of service, housing can be serviced. The flow is never shut down. [See More]

  • Housing Material: Steel (optional feature); Steel - Stainless (optional feature)
  • Maximum Pressure: 150
  • Type: In-line; Duplex
  • Flow Rate (Liquids): 180.0
Hydraulic Duplex Filters
from Hilliard Corporation (The)

Filter Housings. TurboFlo Duplex Filters have the transfer valve welded directly between the filter housings. This not only takes up less space but eliminates the possibility of leaks from the four flanged joints. Housings are designed and stamped, if required, to ASME code. In the filter housings,... [See More]

  • Housing Material: Steel
  • Maximum Pressure: 1650
  • Type: Duplex
  • Flow Rate (Liquids): 30.0
Filter Cartridge Housing -- WBKT-CD
from Watts

Color: White; Material: Steel; Compatible with Flowmatic ® housings. [See More]

  • Housing Material: Steel
  • Application / Industry: Commercial
  • Filtration Product: Water
Model 11 Carbon Steel -- MODEL11CS

Model 11 Filter Bag Housing. The solution for moderate volume applications. Accepts a standard size #1 filter bag. Available in carbon steel or stainless steel. 150 PSI maximum pressure. 100 GPM ¹ maximum flow rate. 2 " NPT side inlet port. 2 " NPT bottom outlet port. ¼ "... [See More]

  • Housing Material: Steel
  • Port Description: 2"
  • Maximum Pressure: 150
  • Element Size: Size 1 (7x14)
AMO Series Filter Housing -- AMO*-3/8
from Pall Corporation

Industrial filter housings for air and gas service [See More]

  • Housing Material: Steel (optional feature); Steel - Stainless (optional feature)
  • Maximum Pressure: 125
  • Type: In-line
  • Maximum Temperature: 70
Natural Gas Filters -- AHC-0180
from Parker Hannifin Filtration and Separation Div. / Balston Products

Balston high flow rate compressed gas filters offer exceptionally high efficiency coalescing filtration of compressed gas at high flow rates. Specifically designed to remove suspended liquids and dirt from pipeline natural gas, the housings are ASME Code Stamped up to 1440 psig. Equipped with... [See More]

  • Housing Material: Steel; Steel - Stainless (optional feature)
  • Maximum Temperature: 130
  • Maximum Pressure: 1440
  • Port Description: 2"
Liquid Bag Housing -- BL44
from Pentair Industrial

BL44, BL88 and BLM88 Single Liquid Bag Housings effectively remove dirt, pipe scale, and other contaminants from process liquids. Quality construction and design assure protection for all downstream equipment. [See More]

  • Housing Material: Steel (optional feature); Steel - Stainless (optional feature)
  • Flow Rate (Liquids): 50.0
  • Maximum Pressure: 500
  • Maximum Temperature: 300