Voltage Linear Velocity Sensors Datasheets

Radiation Resistant Piezoelectric Velocity Transducer -- 793VR
from Meggitt Sensing Systems - Wilcoxon Research

Features. Rugged design. Eliminates distortion caused by high frequency signals. Corrosion-resistant. ESD protection. Internally integrated to velocity. Ultra low-noise electronics for clear signals at very low vibration levels. Corrosion-resistant. Ground isolated. Hermetic seal. Miswiring... [See More]

  • Output / Interface: Voltage
  • Technology: Piezoelectric
  • Maximum Velocity: 50
  • Device Category: Sensor / Transducer
Series 100 - Linear Velocity Transducers -- Model 0100-0000
from Trans-Tek, Inc.

The Series 100 Linear Velocity Transducers are inductive, instantaneous velocity transducers. By moving a magnet through a pair of series opposed coils, the transducer will output a DC voltage proportional to the instantaneous velocity. No excitation voltage is required. Available ranges are from... [See More]

  • Output / Interface: Voltage
  • Measurement Range: 1.3
  • Maximum Velocity: 4150
  • Accuracy: 2.50
LaserSpeed® Gauges -- Model LS200 Series
from Beta LaserMike

Laser Doppler velocimetry technology; speed and length measurement [See More]

  • Output / Interface: Voltage; Serial
  • Measurement Range: 24.61
  • Maximum Velocity: 2297
  • Accuracy: 0.10
Velocity Sensor -- DV301-0002
from Celesco Transducer Products, Inc.

Instrument grade, position & velocity transducer, cable-extension [See More]

  • Output / Interface: Voltage
  • Accuracy: 25.00
  • Measurement Range: 100
  • Technology: Potentiometer
Laser Surface Velocimeter -- LSV-6000
from Polytec, Inc.

The LSV-6200 Velocimeter Controller uses state-of-the-art digital signal processing technology (DSP) to provide velocity and length data with high precision fromthe evaluation of the Doppler signalsupplied bythe laser-based Velocimter sensor head. [See More]

  • Output / Interface: Voltage; Current (optional feature); Serial; Ethernet (optional feature); TTL
  • Accuracy: 0.05
  • Maximum Velocity: 4331
  • Technology: Optical
VBOX 10Hz Speed Sensor -- RLVB10SPS

10Hz GPS, non-contact speed and position sensor based on GPS technology [See More]

  • Output / Interface: Voltage; Serial; TTL; CAN Bus
  • Accuracy: 0.10
  • Maximum Velocity: 17604
  • Technology: GPS