Solid State Limit Switches Datasheets

Precision Switch -- MY-COM A
from Baumer Ltd.

With a repeat accuracy of 1 micron, the My-Com remains undisputedly the most accurate and most compact mechanical switch in the world. Just three moving parts and high-quality materials guarantee a large number of switching operations with constant repeat accuracy. The My-Com has proven its... [See More]

  • Switch Type: Solid State
  • Contact Type: Momentary Contact
  • Device Type: Linear Limit Switch
  • Normal State: Normally Closed
Digitronic Programmable Limit Switch -- AWA
from Hymark/Kentucky Gauge

The AWA analog input module can be used with all CamCon controllers. The AWA module comes with either two separate voltage or current inputs with 12 bit resolution. The AWA module can be connected to the CamCon controller either via expansion interface or via SSI Encoder interface. Digitronic [See More]

  • Switch Type: Solid State
  • Orientation: Side Mounted Actuator
  • Normal State: Normally Open
  • Maximum DC Voltage Rating: 24
Eclipse Nonincendive, I.S. & General Purpose Compact, Modular On/Off Valve Monitor
from Metso

Highly reliable discrete valve monitor offers exceptional value and compact platform with full range of capabilities and features. Features. Extremely compact, rugged enclosure with integral position sensors, communication, electronics, and power outputs for solenoids. High intensity red and green... [See More]

  • Switch Type: Solid State
  • Normal State: Normally Open; Normally Closed
  • Device Type: Linear Limit Switch
  • Housing Type: Enclosed Switch Housing
Modular Plug-In Limit Switches -- E50 Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

E50 Modular Plug-In Limit Switch components are the industry standard with versatility of design and high reliability for low maintenance, installation and inventory costs. Standard FKM gaskets, seals and boots, and a zinc die cast enclosure provide exceptional chemical resistance to the common... [See More]

  • Switch Type: Electromechanical; Solid State
  • Contact Type: Momentary Contact
  • Device Type: Rotary Limit Switch
  • Normal State: Normally Open (optional feature); Normally Closed (optional feature)
Global Thinswitch -- TSW2222
from DME Company

The Thinswitch Limit Switch is specially designed to verify ejector plate return before permitting the mold to close in injection molding machines. Thin enough to fit inside the ejector housing, it can also be used for core slides, or anywhere space is limited. Thinswitch has been tested for... [See More]

  • Switch Type: Solid State
  • Switch Configuration: Single Pole, Double Throw (SPDT)
  • Device Type: Linear Limit Switch
  • Maximum Current Rating: 4 to 5