Flange fitting Dial Thermometers Datasheets

Vapor Actuated Remote Thermometer -- 25-310
from NOSHOK, Inc.

Indicates media temperature using a temperature-actuated liquid in the sensing element and a highly accurate, high quality pressure gauge. As the media temperature increases, the capillary fill fluid vaporizes, increasing pressure in the Bourdon tube to activate the movement and pointer for proper... [See More]

  • Configuration/ Features: NPT fitting (optional feature); Flange fitting (optional feature); Flexible Capillary
  • Range: 30 to 350
  • Display / Scale Characteristics: Fahrenheit; Celsius/Centigrade
  • Thermometer Type: Liquid or Gas Actuated (Vapor-Tension)
from Tel-Tru Manufacturing Company

Tel-Tru Manufacturing Company is a World-Class manufacturer of bimetal thermometers, pressure gauges, and transmitters. Our focus has always been to meet customers' requirements with quality products, leading technology and responsive service. Our products are available through a network of... [See More]

  • Configuration/ Features: Pocket; Probe; Direct Immersion; Flange fitting
  • Range: 50 to 500
  • Display / Scale Characteristics: Fahrenheit
  • Thermometer Type: Bimetal
TBM Series Bi-Metal Thermometer -- TBM10050
from Winters Instruments

Description & Features: • A general purpose, versatile 1" (25mm) to 6" (150mm) dial, 304 stainless steel thermometer • Bi-metallic sensing element for reliable readings • Back, bottom or adjustable angle connection • Stem length from 2.5" (63mm) and up • ±1%... [See More]

  • Configuration/ Features: Pocket; Designed for use with Thermowell; Flange fitting (optional feature)
  • Range: -100 to 1000
  • Display / Scale Characteristics: Fahrenheit (optional feature); Celsius/Centigrade (optional feature)
  • Range: -70 to 540